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Welcome To Our Full Moon In Aquarius 12th August 2022 Update.


Join us to know how our Full Moon in Aquarius 12th August 2022 will affect you! As our Full Moon In Aquarius land on the 12th of August 2022 will bring about bold endings shifts & relating to what?????

Both our Past Present & Future will be reshaped. Do you want to know what the stars are saying about your future? What those must knows can be from a navigation point of view.

Learn how to make the most of this Full Moon in Aquarius 2022 ,with our insightful and detailed reports. What subjects may play out? How can we best mange mind body soul during its Cycle.

Yes big bold ending, changes one may be forced to make. Can we let go and thrive or are we just surviving? Lets dive in at to be ready!

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The Full Moon In Aquarius 12th August 2022 Astrology?

Moon's Ruler

Saturn In Aquarius-In Retrograde

Uranus In Taurus

Welcome to our Full Moon in Aquarius Update, lets dive deep & see what our Must knows are for our Monology Edition Online. Stay up to date with our Transits at Yildiz Readings 5D & The Age Of Aquarius Magazine.

Our Full Moon in Aquarius 12th August 2022,we may be at this time both dealing with beliefs, feelings, social responsibilities. In our minds due to its harsh opposition to our Sun in Leo may be mentally difficult at this time.

As Moon also links to Mother, subjects relating to comfort, home, feelings safety shelter may crop up. Our conditioning, religion values or belief may be called into question. This also can be a spiritual time of deep healing & letting go.

Within groups, status or relationships one can experience, anger, jealousy, frustration.

Who will be most impacted by our Full Moon In Aquarius 12th August 2022 ?

Yes at a collective level we will all be impacted. Aquarius can be groups, thoughts feelings, values. Yes an ending to these areas and with the 9th house this could come out of no where.

The Full Moon in Aquarius will affect those born with personal planets 15-23 deg Of Fixed Stars. Taurus, Leo Scorpio & Aquarius.

How could this affect us collectively may come in the form of changes occurring with rules & regulations. This also can be a time of endings associated to ways we look at emotions at a collective.

Yes a situation at a collective could occur for us to again understand were in this together. Wellness, shock, a day of morning a time of rebellion & change. This would be a good time to look at things within our own life and balance how we may best move ahead constructively.

What Are The Full Moon In Aquarius Must Know Aspects?

As below Moon can relate to family, home and our emotions collectively. Squares are difficulties still here wellness, stress and ego are possible. changes around our energy as well as delays with these changes.


Full Moon opposition to Sun

Full Moon Sq. Mars in Taurus

Full Moon Sq. Uranus In Taurus

Changes and difficulties around trade, power, banking systems, food, resources. Yes we may experience changes around environment via astrology transits. Uranus can link to electricity, electrical storms, earth tremors etc.....

Our internet also in the mix already many may have noticed it reacting like a Mercury Retrograde. FYI not yet however glitches can occur and interruption's

What Are The Full Moon In Aquarius Challenges?

We may feel unstable relating to how we speak, act, feel react. Tension with changes that had been taking a tole can crop up. Feelings relating to money, love, feelings may be on high, self love is needed at this time.

Some can feel with our transits worn out, frustrated & misunderstood.

This has great possibilities for a fresh star, new plans, new attitudes and bold new beginning's.

Yes at a collective level something may occur, this can be a feeling of restrictions or physical restrictions. The caution is that Chiron in Aries is Retrograde due such. More over Jupiter in Aries moved retrograde on the 28th of July 2022. Many were seeing issues with travel, yes such issues may continue.

New Rules may come into play during this time, more over individuals needing to be more independent & self reliant in the mix of such! This can continue into 2023 around these changes.

What Are The Full Moon In Aquarius ,Tips For Balancing During This Time?

Many during this time may find at a collective changes are occurring within society. Yes linking to how rules and structures directly impact us at a personal level & collective can be feeling the strain.

This also is a time of finding ways to take on responsibilities by thinking outside the box! Uranus kinking to this area can bring about innovation & change regardless of being ready or not.

We may move into victim consciousness, it can feel like the middle man is being pushed to the limit. Disputes also may crop up via trade with other countries. Looking outside the box for ways to manage house hold needs. Many may be findings ways to be independent from society as a whole.

This could take on the more dark age style of going back to basic's. Growing gardens, getting solar, one car per house hold. this in the mix had popped off with our Great Conjunction 2022!!!!! As we revisit some of those themes, many may feel certain ways of living had been hindered and totally transformed via media & being removed from travel!

I do see a possibility of certain restrictions or new rules relating to us coming about. This due to our transits can be until the end of the year. This could be a great time to buckle down get things in order in preparation for 2023!!!!!

With Uranus in Taurus in the mix within shadow & our North Node in the house of Taurus..... Add Mars in Taurus we have a dish served cold!!!!

Changes around trade, the internet, power, resources, utilities, food, travel all will be in the mix. Yes with placements in the house some locations globally may have power outages.....

For each of us at an individual level this also will hit, where in the mix your Star Signs is hit can shift over into 2023. Our next New Moon in Aquarius isn't until January 21st 2023!!!!


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How Will This Impact Each Star Sign?



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