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Welcome to our New Moon In Leo 28th July 2022 Update.


July 2022 has been nothing but dull, more over many have felt that ripple effect of our previous Full Moon. Endings new beginning's each one of us is being affected by this transit & Our New Moon in Leo on the 28th of July 2022 will be bold, shape shifting and potentially volatile with self expression.

Both our Past Present & Future will be reshaped. Do you want to know what the stars are saying about your future? What those must knows can be from a navigation point of view. Yes this will affect us at a collective level as well as a deeply personal level!

Learn how to make the most of this New Moon In Leo 28th July 2022 ,with our insightful and detailed reports. What subjects may play out? How can we best mange mind body soul during its Cycle.

Never miss a beat ,this cycle will be like a heart chakra activation. Don't listen to idle gossip, hear it from the horses mouth would be wise! Lets dive in at to be ready!

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The New Moon In Leo 28th July 2022 Astrology

Welcome to our New Moon In Leo Update, lets dive deep & see what our Must knows are for our New Moon Edition Online. Stay up to date with our Transits at Yildiz Readings 5D.

It Enters the house of Leo at 5 Deg being A New Moon In Leo 28th of July 2022.For many due to its Beneficial trine to Jupiter. A strong influence of Mercury in the house of Leo squares Uranus un Taurus .

Our New Moon In Leo is time for that fresh start, turning that page, implementing change. This with Uranus in Taurus in the mix can be linked to our wellness, habits, diet, use of self care and ideals with values. Breaking old patterns & behavior's & beliefs. Looking outside the box for new innovative ways to evolve, survive & thrive.

Aries in Chiron in the mix already in Retrograde can aid in us locating trauma, habits, emotions & feelings. One may need to try hard not to fall in a heap of ego or emotion. That's not to say we don't have a million reasons, rather this New Moon in Leo is an opportunity to see beyond the obvious.

New & unexpected news may change out of no where with the influence of Uranus & Mercury in the mix. Leo being Sun can link to ideals, logic, identity ideas. Uranus sudden unexpected ways of viewing & transforming a situation.

This New Moon Can make one feel erratic, anxious or impulsive. Go easy if possible and wait for the dust to settle. On some occasions from experience yes we may need to react quickly. Uranus is one that can bring about sudden shifts in the mix.

What Are The New Moon In Leo Must Know Aspects?

New Moon Trini Jupiter

With our New Moon In Leo making a trine to Jupiter in Aries one may feel a sense of bold confidence & possibility. Opportunities to deepen a sense of connection via spiritual practices, travel Business or law. Prosperity pay rises Linked to our 7th house of Venus. Within relationships one may feel like making bold statements & gestures. Like the fool card in tarot, this aspect can make us feel we cant sit still & must react!

Mercury squaring Jupiter

This in the mix may bring news & sudden actions reaching a climax full of impulsiveness & tension in the mix. Yes from those that spread news like gossip may receiving such that one may need to redirect plans. We must also with other aspects regardless be dependable & responsible with Saturn in the mix!

Be very cautious with communication, actions, driving road rage and mouth rage may be possible at this time. Ill share my tip I use on YouTube...... Red Light Triggered STOP! Breath remove ones self from the environment or just flat out PAUSE. Yellow Breath slow down be kind to that emotion be it right or wrong. Listen & reflect upon what you wish to be as an outcome within your power. Green Proceed with respect love and care.

Launching New Projects Your Must Knows?

Keeping cool & productive can be key, this can be one of our positive launch dates of the year. From July 28th 2022 one could party & fight, but you also could kick of that fresh start with those Christmas in July Action plans. Launch projects from the 28th of July- August 11th 2022. The window is open, will you take it?

What Are The New Moon In Leo Challenges?

We may feel unstable relating to how we speak, act, feel react. Tension with changes that had been taking a tole can crop up. Feelings relating to money, love, feelings may be on high, self love is needed at this time.

Some can feel with our transits worn out, frustrated & misunderstood.

This has great possibilities for a fresh star, new plans, new attitudes and bold new beginning's.

What Are The New Moon In Leo ,Tips For Balancing During This Time?

Yes although New Moons are endings & fresh stars all at once. One may feel reaching those Fresh Starts can feel exhausting. It could feel frustrating like cramming homework!

This would be a great time to clear home, practice self care & being organized prior to our New Moon.

Give self time, prior to our New Moon In Leo clear your heart chakra, third eye & solar Plexus. Do them individually as they crop up, not all at once. Drink plenty of fluid & add chamomile to settle energy.

Dancing or moving from the hips when walking can shake out those inner child wounds.

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