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For all you need to know regarding the past, transit dates & houses. Read more below, we also cover the history of Previous transits with Saturn in the house of Pisces.

As we move into our New Year 2024 will have Saturn remaining in the house of Pisces. Saturn will move into the house of Aries from May 24th 2025 until September 2027.

For Retrograde and direct dates please refer to our Below updates & reference points. Lets dive into our Saturn In Pisces must Know's!

Saturn's orbit time 101

Saturn's transit through the zodiac takes between 28-30 years. It stays in each zodiac sign for approximately 2 years & retrogrades twice during such time. Its Retrograde cycle lasts for approximately 4 & a half months.


What can we expect with SATURN in PISCES?

One benefit of Saturn transiting into the house of Pisces will be Neptune's link. Where we hold dreams, we may make such a tangible reality with dedication & structure. Saturn restricts things....In making such smaller it's a tad bit like Niche Marketing. Keep it simple, get in a routine & in time that mountain will be achieved.

Saturn will enter the house of Pisces on March 7th 2023, We may feel a sense of isolation, mental entanglement during its initial stage in the house of Pisces. Remember the above info within our update on how to best view Saturn and deal with it.

It may be key to have connections, to also hold true to our dreams. To look beyond the here and now and know the sun will shine another day.

We may feel less tolerant with others values, at times feeling our own values are not being understood. Previous to this, Saturn in Pisces had subjects regarding spirituality, faith religion & the church.

Anxiety, potential feeling down is possible. Self-isolation due to being bogged down. Take time to find the small beauties in life and be present. Breath, be connected to the world & others.

Understanding you are getting somewhere, lessons will come routines structures... The inner world is as important as the outer. Make time for self, even if you feel your pushing a wheelbarrow up a mountain. The old saying goes " Rome wasn't built in a day"

Don't go down the rabbit hole of shadow, be in awareness of your limits. Rest, drink fluid, breath. We may sway from spirituality, faith and become clouded with a lack of faith in intuition.

This can be a time where shadow crops up, in diving into such we may seek life's deeper meaning. Trauma, sadness, grief, personal and collectively we may deal with this in unique individual ways

Seeking support and not being too proud to say "Help or reaching a point in readiness to release and find inner light and peace and a new sense of purpose.

Saturn pulls our heads in Pisces aids in the dream. This push pull dynamic can bring a sense of conflict. Your intuition will be high during this time. Due to the fact that focuses is the last zodiac of the wheel. We may be navigating endings linking to the collective 12 house.

Many may feel the last few decades its now reaching its peek point at the 12th house. All those skeleton's in the closet need to be delt with. Some may move into counseling, meditation others may resist such due to some past experiences.

For each of us Saturn will hit our zodiac in different ways, I will cover this online later. It's not all doom & gloom.... Great opportunities are ahead, finding peace, our true new path ahead individually & collectively. Methods in dealing with such may feel like a maze. For it's through the darkness we once lived that we find new light, new purpose our new north.


Saturn is known as responsibility & discipline via astrology, hard lessons and hard work that comes with it. Saturn has ruling over discipline, religion, duty. Positive when hard aspects eg squares or oppositions. It can be weak with conjunctions or sextiles occur with other planets.

Saturn symbolizes our challenges of life our new experiences that make us evolve grow into a wiser version of ourselves. Known as a taskmaster.

Saturn to a degree restricts or shows how & where we may gain momentum & success. It gives clues into where the pressure points may be and our sense of responsibility. Governs laws & responsibilities cause and effect....

Its deemed as an enemy to the Sun & Moon as they relating to life & light. Saturn on the other hand relates more so to life death cycles and the more grueling attributes of life.


 Saturn-Water Elements- Can limit ability's around independence healing. Issues of regret self-isolation away from groups or society.

Saturn-Fire Elements- Can Limit spontaneity & impulsiveness. Creative expression, pleasure.

Saturn-Earth Elements-Can limit trust, more cautious with decisions & responsibilities. Tactical risks & self-discipline. Tied to tradition & the tried & true.

Saturn-Air Elements-Can limit attachments to others, open views, objectivity with views.


RULER Capricorn




FALL Aries

Although the key words that can be associated with Saturn are as below, the house it also visits takes on an added attitude. Keep that in mind during this time & with it transiting your own personal placements within your birth chart.















Life & Death







Saturn was in the house of Pisces from May-1993 to 1996, our most recent transit in the house was March 1964 to 1967.



Links take you to each article online for reference to the writer & article.



SATURN transit DATES 2023-2025

Saturn direct in Aquarius Jan 2023

Saturn Enters Pisces March 7th 2023

Saturn in Pisces Retrograde June 17th 2023

Saturn in Aquarius Moves Direct 4th November 2023


  • Station Retrograde June 4th 2022-Aquarius @ 25 Deg

  • Station Direct Oct 22nd 2022 Aquarius @18 Deg

  • Station Retrograde June 17th 2023 Pisces @7 Deg

  • Station Direct Nov 4th 2023 Aquarius @ 0Deg

  • Station Retrograde June 29th 2024 Pisces @ 19Deg

  • Station Direct Nov 15th 2024 Pisces @12Deg

  • Station Retrograde July 12th 2025 Aries @ 1Deg

  • Station Direct Nov 27th 2025 Aries @ 25Deg

SATURN TRANSIT DATES & must Know's 2023


With our Sun squaring Saturn one may feel with life's responsibilities our own personal needs may have to go on the back burner. Our ego involved with our direction may also stand in the way. This can cause more difficulties during such, it may be key to not have tunnel vision.

Avoidance may feel like pending homework, that due date is coming. The notion of do it now, you may not have another opportunity & may have more on your plate later notion applies.

May 28th 2023

November 23rd 2023

June 9th 2024

December 4th 2024

June 22nd 2025

December 29th 2026

July 20th 2027

January 12th 2028


This can feel quite karmic in nature, clarity in responsibility and the emotions one held. These situation's may surface at this time to be addressed and can evolve. You may find yourself re visiting connections it can be a time or doing such in a new found adult manner.

Relationships & wealth may during this time suffer, addressing issues that prevent one from liberating self may be key. Enabling others unhealthy boundaries, to many boundaries preventing transformation etc...

January 22nd 2023

March 21st 2024

January 18th 2025

April 7th 2025

April 24th 2025

March 6th 2026

May 7th 2027

February 28th 2028

April 24th 2029


Applying logical thinking to areas of life. Keeping productive can aid in nostalgia of the past and avoidance of the now! One may need to be cautious of issues in communication within connections and taking direct emotional intelligence within responsibility. One also may project their expectations onto others

March 2nd 2022

March 2nd 2023

February 28th 2024

February 25th 2025

April 20th 2026

April 19th 2027

April 15th 2028

April 13th 2029

June 8th 2030


Saturn squares Uranus ends its hard aspect January 24th 2023. We endured this energy with turbulence in stability during our 2022 transits. January 2023 will have its wrap up square on the below date.

Our Next

  • Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus January 24th 2023


  • Saturn in Gemini Conjunct Uranus in Gemini June 28th 2032


Saturn as mentioned moved into the house of Aquarius March 21st 2020, Saturn then moved retrograde int he house of Capricorn July 1st 2020. Saturn entered Aquarius December 17th 2020. It will remain in the house of Aquarius until March 7th 2023, where it then makes its entry into Pisces.

Saturn transits make things feel like were bogged down that were getting nowhere soon. Its object as such. To become resourceful with our time and to cut out waste & excess or extreme's in life. Both relating to time, responsibility, systems, It restricts or contracts.

It provides an opportunity to become stronger & structured around our responsibilities.

We then place energy into areas that are working for us in the real work. Our attention will move towards strengthening our structures & life.

Saturn dose not flatten us, it enables that process to be developed through a methodical manner. It pushes us to be present and prevents us from taking unnecessary risks.

In the house of Aquarius we were to see how our decisions affected the wider group. We also learn by caring for ourself we benefit the group.



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As we move into the 2023 we have Jupiter direct in the house of Aries until May 2023. During this time Jupiter will be wrapping up its transit in the house of Taurus. I do see Jan 2024 as an interesting transformative time. Be aware of such.

Jupiter last year put a spanner in the works with our energy and growth more over. We also saw issues regarding refugees and changes around wealth with the introduction to Pluto in Aquarius last year.

This year as we move through another time to be aware of will be as Jupiter in Taurus makes its conjunction to Uranus in Taurus. This will be a month to remember, it will set the tone for some time.

Although we don't tend to look at Jupiter as a bad thing, it can be if we have not delt with toxic or heavy situation's. What it touches it expands. Its also not going to bless you if you get handed a grand opportunity and do nothing with it. You snooze you may loose.

From April we have our Jupiter in Taurus conjunct Uranus in Taurus. Expect sudden changes, prepare for this as it can take you by surprise. Shaking off those belief that changes don't happen.

Chance meetings, wealth shifts, radical shifts and revolution are all up for grabs.

We could say this will be an event of the year, holding your self back would be a bad move. Its time to make those bold changes or they may just happen for us all.

Areas this may link can be money, social activities, creativity, values, lucky wins, love, agriculture, online business, etc...

Jupiter Enters Gemini 25th May 2024.

Jupiter In Gemini Rx 9 Oct 2024- Jupiter in Gemini Shadow direct 4th Feb 2025

Jupiter in Virgo & Gemini in Detriment-

As the exaltation is a place of awareness for the planet, the fall is a position of weakness concerning the function of the planet, including everything else the planet represents.

You ultimately will have lady luck in that area so trust the process during its transit... This could be to repair that area, or find one more suitable....


Yes Jupiter will exit stage from the house of Aries into the house of Taurus may 2023! SO use this time to be in that energy mode and shift those dreams, goals and ambitions ahead. One will need to have courage you will feel more energetic but will need to hone in those areas to get the complete manifestation during its transit in the house of Aries. Saturn will aid this process by making you knuckle down in an area to enhance your Jupiter placements.


As we move into 2024 one of the big events will be our Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. This will occur when Jupiter in the house of Taurus on April 20th 2024 makes its conjunction to Uranus in Taurus

This occurs around every 14 or so years, more over it will shape the next 20 years of our life and history.

Subjects that we may see can link to wealth, new currencies or digital at that. Weather patterns, agriculture, electricity, values and trades shifting. Big shifts and sudden events in around this conjunction are very very possible.


By March 7th 2023 Saturn will move into the house of Pisces... So what's all the fuss? Neptune the house of dreams, delusions and those Neptune ideas can now come to life. Not just remaining in the mind but having clarity onto how to design, implement and make those a cement idea!

As we move into 2024 we have a set undertone, the burden of dreams and the necessary foundation to be built slow and steady. Jupiter will transit into the house of Gemini this Year bring big changes in this domain.

Each one of us has this placement in our chart, this also will affect us at a collective level. Local industry's, schools, higher education & universities. Daycare, social hubs, shopping centres and distribution centres. Our AI & IT industry's will under go changes, as will the pressure on our transport system.

The air we breath, the food we eat, the sharing of information and the overwhelm of such all can occur.

JUPITER TRANSIT DATES TIMES & HOUSE'S past and into the new 2021-2024


Jupiter Entered Pisces May 13th 2021


Jupiter Entered Aries 10th May 2022

Jupiter Retrogrades in Aries shifts over to Pisces July 28th 2022

Jupiter direct in Pisces Nov 23rd 2022

Jupiter Enters Aries Dec 20th 2022

JUPITER 2023-2024


Jupiter in Aries Jan- 2023- May-2023

Jupiter Enters Taurus May 16th 2023

Jupiter Retrograde September 3th 2023

Jupiter Direct in Taurus December 31st 2023 out of shadow Jan 2024!

JUPITER 2024-2025

Jupiter Direct in Taurus December 31st 2023 out of shadow Jan 2024!

Jupiter Enters Gemini May 25th 2024

Jupiter In Gemini Rx 9 Oct 2024- Jupiter in Gemini Shadow direct 4th Feb 2025


Jupiter has an orbit cycle of 12 years & spends around one year in each zodiac sign. Jupiter's retrograde cycle lasts around 4 months in total.

Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius, however prior to Neptune being discovered it was linked to Pisces also. In modern Astrology these days it's the co ruler.

Jupiter in Cancer -exaltation or domicile placement

Jupiter in Cancer is deemed as its exaltation or domicile placement. Deemed as balanced and energetic. This is looked upon as its lucky placement....

Jupiter in Capricorn in its fall!

Jupiter in Capricorn is in its fall! This is the sign positioned directly opposite a planet's natural place of exaltation. Know & considered to be in its fall! where the planets opposite of exaltation. Bing in its fall.

Jupiter in Virgo & Gemini in Detriment-

As the exaltation is a place of awareness for the planet, the fall is a position of weakness concerning the function of the planet, including everything else the planet represents.

Jupiter in Virgo & Gemini is in its detriment, meaning it does not feel as confutable. It can be challenging when it is positioned in the zodiac that is opposite to the natural position.

The way in which you will deal with such will be methodical, it can delay the outcomes due to the intellectual level of both signs!

E.g. Jupiter wants to jump in and expand, Virgo & Gemini want to logically want a map and plan... so it's in its detriment...You will want detail, communication and steps to address the Jupiter energy alone!

Tip, Read all fine print


Jan 26th Sqr Sun in Aquarius

Jan 27th Sqr Sun in Aquarius

Feb 10th Jupiter in Taurus Sqr Mercury in Aquarius

Feb 24th Jupiter in Taurus Sqr Venus in Aquarius

Feb 25th Jupiter in Taurus Sqr Venus in Aquarius

Feb 26th Jupiter in Taurus Sqr Mars in Aquarius

Feb27th Jupiter in Taurus Sqr Mars in Aquarius

Feb28th Jupiter in Taurus Sqr Mars in Aquarius

April 15th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 16th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 17th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 18th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 19th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 20th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 21st Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 22nd Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 23rd Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 24th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 25th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

April 26th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Uranus in Taurus

Jupiter Exits Taurus 25th May 2024

Jupiter Enters Gemini May 25th 2024

May 17th Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Sun Taurus

May 18th  Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Sun Taurus

May 19th  Jupiter in Taurus Conjt Sun Taurus