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The big question on our lips as we pivot towards our Full Moon in Capricorn is are we going to be ok! Are old fears wounds and challenges getting on top of you? Are you challenged & want the Big answers & solutions. Well Im with you on that one!

Lets dive into our Super Full Moon In Capricorn July 2022 ,within. What subjects may play out? How can we best mange mind body soul during its Cycle. Are you ready to deal with Big endings that call us to address in healthy, calm logical ways!

Don't let this Full Moon In Capricorn on the 13th of July 2022, fool you. This will impact each of us as well as at a collective level. Be ready for this impactful shift with your stability at hand.


What are the Astrological Influences of the FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN?

This can be a time at a collective level that subjects around the 10th & 8th house come up. The 10th house of career aspiration's, purpose and fame. The 8th house of tax debt legacies inhetarences deeper intimacy & sex.

Yes something is like Pluto out dated worn out & being cast out transformed. Pluto asks us to transform, end a situation that no longer serves us.

We may have seen changes in diet, wellness, balance, responsibilities. Neptune shifted Retrograde may have hit us hard. Dehydration and the use of pacifiers to deal with stress may have caused more issues.

This also during last months transits may have been reviewing & restructuring. It was a double Mercury Retrograde & we also were having issues to address some of those areas due to fatigue. The foggy mind energy of Neptune in shadow in the house of Pisces didn't help that situation.

So needless to say we feel like teens at school cramming homework getting life in shape. We also may be realistically looking at work life balance & a measured approach to balance all these areas at this time.

You may have had added expenses relating to replacement of white goods, repairs on property, water related dynamics in need of repair or causing issues. Changes in home & within the family unit. We also may have been over worked under staffed during that time. Many like the new saying went between 2021 the great resignation, yes that very subject returned to be addressed!

Dealing with life in an organized logical manner is Key, nurturing our projects, location. Be cautious of making emotional decissions. Best bet if you know how you feel, deal now! Don't wait for the full moon for a blow up or ship out situation.

Take time away from ppl during the moon, heated exchanges may occur. Be cautious of expressions and actions. Neptune in Pisces loos lips sink ships no Dutch courage or speed dialing and expressing your truth. Be cautious & aware!

Yes our Full Moon In Capricorn makes a square to Chiron in Aries, emotional wellness physical wellness mental wellness. Look outside the box for solutions don't freak-out! BREATH!!!!

This will be anything but a quiet time, we will have loud voices self expression. For America leading up to election time. It wont stay looking like the story as it stands, big changes in opinions feelings & beliefs will shake up this time.

At a collective level this will be a kick off to a dramatic close, I hope were ready! Reviewing old structures, stability rules & regulations with accountability! Don't underestimate the strength, it is a Super Moon! The impact at a physical level is 3x the strength similar to an eclipse.

How will it Affect Your Love Life?

You may be reviewing old patterns commitments & beliefs relating to connections at this time. This can be a time where those conditioned rolls we once played are shifting. Yes we have values & beliefs we also have the psychology behind those very beliefs via conditioning.

Our previous New Moon In Cancer requested self to review such old and new methods. You may be called to come to terms with old situations with Chiron in Aries shadow gearing up ready to Retrograde shortly!

Emotions relating to both the 10th & our 8th house collectively will be viewed & transformed. Romance the dark and light side of intimacy & sex, give and take. Self discovery and personal choices.

As we have seen in the collective our last New Moon in Cancer links to mother woman creativity home nurture. Those very subjects were broached however with it being the shadow sign of Cancer being a Full Moon in Capricorn being a feminine energy. I don't quite think this is over!

Could it feel at a collective a battle of the sexes, yes and no. Both energies astrologically are shifting Retrograde this month. Aries in Chiron Retrogrades relating to wounds and beliefs that occurred to self. First house placement, Jupiter in Aries & Juno the marriage asteroid also shift retrograde this month. Yin Yang retrogrades, connections will be dissolving, changing transforming.

That feeling that wound that role one took will be reviewed, it may be projected out also. Look deep within at our own circle what has changed, what can we and cant we do any more. Is their an old value that your dropping, are you changing how you look at love.

The big word here is POWER! What is power & what isn't within our control?

Our Sun in the house of Cancer may take us out of our comfort zones and have to face our prejudice & judgments atm. We also have black moon Lilith in the house of Cancer forcing us to face some accountability in life in some shape or form.

Work money tribe & accountability, changing environments, tying up lose ends. Balance of give & take. Transforming our financial stations within our power! Finding & building our new life with the goal in mind of sustainability!

This may be a time of looking at how codependency within connections also is a big problem. The 8th house asks us to build based on systems in the long term we may grow to depend on in a healthy way! How we connect in to connections, what we can and cant depend on.

How will it Affect Your Career & Finances?

We may see changes in management, rules & regulations. You also can see work transforming and the individuals within the industry. Yes Linked to Pluto we may see subjects around money rules, trade & accountability.

Restructuring your life, reviewing & changing as well as ending some old routine. A large bill may be cleared at this time. This can take the shape of a plan of action required for success in career, business, budget & life balance.

How will it Affect Your wellness & body?

Dealing with our social responsibilities' can be intense during this time. Our Full Moon In Capricorn at a base level can have us feeling were pushed to deal and level up. Time management will be key to manage your stress levels.

It will feel more over with Chiron in Aries in shadow that were triggered and run down. Jupiter giving us that push to get things done asap. After our New Moon In Cancer many can be feeling the need for self care and environments that feel home. We will also be connecting on a different level with others.

As we look to the Stars taking time for self pre Full Moon can feel overwhelming and over due. You may feel an urgency to tie up lose end. From an emotional point of view linking to Pluto Retrograde deciding to complete an area or transform such will crop up.

Changes in diet, health can come about. It may be important to eat light at this time. You can become more strict with self or have different experiences with diet. You may find dehydration is a possibility. This can affect your digestion system and base chakra.

Each Star Sign will have different needs within their chakra system. Take time for self, get your ducks in a row per Super Moon! Keep away from drama, clear your home & get earthed. This after our last x4 Moon phase's has been linked to previous eclipses. This Moon being a Super Moon will feel intense.





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