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The world is changing & rapidly, we all see feel & fear this. We are constantly inundated with information. Social Media, News, Opinions & our Personal Beliefs. Yes having clarity during these changes feels risky business.

How can we stay afloat amidst economic change as well as within our own emotions. Not wanting to make the wrong call and needing to thrive. Don't get lost like a deer in the woods. You don't need to be blind though our transits!

The answer is simple information is power, and staying ahead of the wave keeps you prepared. Join us to be in the know of the most dramatic changes , this is the alarm bell calling for change.

How will our Bloodmoon-Total Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio affect us collectively & Personally? Lets See!

This months Blood Moon will be a Total Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio on the 16th of May 2022 . It will kicks off with a bang and for many of us some of what's yet to come has already been playing out.

This can act as a warning system for the big shift later in the year. I always say universe gives us three warnings in life. The sign, the near miss eg now!!! & the EVENT. This is our warning and PDF regarding this subject.

Pay attention to the areas that crop up this month, as the writing will be on the wall. It will again be over the next 6 months be shifting. The areas that shift now will be reworked and assisted by Pluto Retrograde.

The areas that are heightening this shift are challenging but very supportive & necessary. They will in the long run assist with this process but can cause chaos in the meantime. For some the deepest challenging is keeping balanced while we have the transformation of old and new.

Our Mercury Retrograde kicked off on the 10th of May 2022 at 23 deg of Gemini, this will be retrograde until it shifts Station on the 3rd of June in the house of Taurus where it then shifts into Gemini Post Shadow Direct on 18th at 4 Deg Gemini.

Mercury Retrograde is the second of our four sets this year, generally we have up to three a year. Our next Mercury Retrograde post shadow will be in the house of Virgo on the 20th of August. Mercury then moves Retrograde on the 10th of Sept at 10 Deg Libra.

Mercury in the mix can assist us with reviewing our thoughts actions and beliefs regarding these areas. Use this time to review, it slows things down enough to see the truth & speeds things up to text its stability. Yes dark secrets can be exposed during this time & some may have changed opinions of beliefs forever. May are looking to self to find a deeper way to liberate self.

Eighth house & our South Node in Scorpio can ask us to truly rethink what we can and cant depend on. It also asks us to create new systems and to weed out what's not sustainable.



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