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Yildiz Readings 5D Update

Will have a join button on YouTube what is it for and what do you get. For a fee you may opt in opt out at any time.

Section one is for twin flames a safe place we may chat give UPDATES abd discuss things where privacy is required. It at the moment is a once a month session with more to come.

Yes all live twin flame content will still be available.

The next is pre released videos prior to opening on YouTube to public. I am attempting to launch your 2021 zodiac TRANSITS in here for pre release.

This is a whole year transit info session.

Awaiting 3 uploads then open. I will allow the pre release to be members first others will get this no earlier than 48hrs or a week depending on how long this uploading takes.

All money goes to updating technology education and my ability to stay in the platform .



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