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The other may be quite opposite tapping into pacific motions to deal with Lifes distortion.

I always move back to the analogy of glass half full or half empty.Some may be more social looking touch with their inner voice.

I have seen ppl wish to be away from reality. Using things to detach. This could be more in an emotional PACIFICATION.

Having had the full moon in virgo we are moving into a vibration of health well-being,devil in the detail of what we may need to address in a very structured mode.

This may be due to the fact some things have been I'll managed.Or more over, "If you build it,they will come"

Some people may struggle and wish to use things to ramble out LIFES issues by using things to mute the truth. From my experience with clients I have found this can take on an unhealthy codependency with substances for a min.

Journaling exercise self awareness and taking baby steps can help. I'm ALWAYSE happy to assist should you wish to book a session. Or follow me on YouTube for such.

With the north node in Gemini until next year you may need to be very disciplined as getting side tracked is largely possible.

Over load of info social expectations and commitments,PPLS opinions.This also can be a time of great.growth but the work is large being it's a vibration 5 year full of changes.

The year of the white metal ox has begun, so get set. We will need each other,we will need to work hard.

As we move towards the New Moon In Pisces stay tuned for your zodiac sign and how it may affect you.

Venus in Pisces can take on a romanticized notion. We may be more inclined to have ideals.

By the time Mercury in aquarius ends it's shadow.We may have a very different view of all things.

The beautiful fact is we have approximately 2 months of all planets direct.


Make the most of it, these steps will set you up for years to come.




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