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This guide is full of tips and tricks to help you get ahead during our Bi-Monthly Star Cast 2022. Don't get lost in a loop be prepared!

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Welcome to your Star Sign Edition online, yes here we cover any tips also below. We will be changing our online subscriptions ,this will be the last month our members will get their updates and I will be working on 2023 content to get ahead.

This will be back on the table come early 2023 so it will not impact bookings each month. I will be providing from October onwards transit updates etc....Our Twin Flame Subscriptions will continue.

This is so I can get ahead, organize our education content and for it to not impact the daily running of business for all to receive private bookings when need be. I more over will be working on information content & 2023 Star Signs both free and paid.

Enjoy your September 2022 updates that will move through as scheduled. After September I will be putting them on hold on my end and via PayPal & credit card.

Vol 2 we cover the next set of transits & what one may expect. Stay tuned for your Mid-Month Edition online with Yildiz Readings 5d. Feel free to book a private session for triggers, added support, soul coaching or a one on one reading.

Let's dive in & see What you must know for our Bi-Monthly Vol 1 Edition for our September 2022 Star Sign Now! Be sure to stick around for our Full Moon & New Moon Updates as well as transit reports online.

Aries this month in the mix can be very transformative in the area of love, wealth, career and body. Wellness will be key to pay careful attention to. Many of us are still recovering from the month of August and Wonder is September going to be any better?

As we move into the month of September we still may be experiencing the rumbles of Uranus in Taurus that shifted retrograde.

Our previous New Moon in Virgo on the 27th August 2022, for may we may have new information coming to light. This can take us in a bold new direction. We may be caring for wellness more at this time. We may at an emotional level feel we must make decisions with new found logic.

Our Sun in the house Virgo our energy attention and actions will be on wellness, quality logic and the devil in the detail. We may react to such at this time based on these drives and responses.

Mercury in Virgo aids our logic, however we may be over analytical and this can delay progress. One may seek perfection & potential can hinder progression, deep

Our Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th September 2022, can bring about emotions. Making those dreams come true and reaching closure is possible.

With our up & coming Mercury Retrograde in Libra on the 10th of September 2022. What will this bring for us at a collective level at this time. Add joyous mercury retrograde. Can my cast want to pull our hair out? Think back to September, October last year. What were those things playing out for you as an individual?

Venus remains in the house of Leo bringing courage and heart. We have opportunities to be bold in earnings & with our values we may need to be cautious.

By the 5th of September Venus transits into the house of Virgo. Many of you will form new routines during this time.

For you Aries as individuals, you may need added support. This can be an emotional ride, however, beautifully revealing for you as we reach months end. Be open to new experiences, and reaching closure in certain areas of life. Being open through your healing to these brand new possibilities are necessary. That's not to say this will be easy, but the grand reveal will come by month's end.

Don't miss out on your updates via editions online. Grab your subscription now to be informed of all the transits and how they directly will impact and benefit you. As mentioned above, you might this month night added support. Jump online now to receive such.


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