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Neptune was discovered in 1846,Neptune takes around 164 years to go through its full cycle. As such it's a long lasting impact it has on our life. As the hard aspect his with Neptune we feel more up in the air with life.

Neptune spends around 14 years in each sign, on occasions during its retrograde cycle it visits other signs. Neptunes Retrogrades last approximately 158 days approximately 5 moths each year.

Neptune is known for delusions & illusions linking to Pisces. Pisces being the 12 house of the zodiac wheel. The 12 house has been linked to our subconscious, dreams, endings, new beginnings. Mysticism, guru, meditation, psychic energy, psychology....

We may have bold revelations this year, as Saturn enters the house of Pisces. These things may become more confusing. It's not all doom & gloom, its more revelations & potential breakthroughs & solutions right under our noses.....

Regardless it will be a ride, facing some home truths may be key and becoming self-aware of our limits and where life is more than money....What may be a dream for you could be a nightmare to another.

Neptune can feel like it dissolves situation's, during its retrograde we may rework situation's that we felt initially were working & or in alignment with our purpose. It's not a fake it until you make it. It can feel heart breaking, some may resist the obvious, were guided to use its clarity to redirect.

It can feel like a life audit, during its retrograde phase. In its direct Phase we may renavigate life with more ease if aspects go in our Favour.


June 30th 2023 Neptune in Pisces moves Retrograde (SR)

December 6th 2023- Neptune in Pisces Moves Station Direct

  • Neptune enters Pre Rx Shadow March 9th 2023

  • Neptune Retrograde June 20th 2023

  • Neptune Direct 6th Dec 2023

  • Neptune enters Post shadow March 25th 2024

what zodiacs will feel this more intensely during hard aspects in 2023?

Most challenging for Gemini Libra & Aquarius, you may deal with this & it's hard aspect Listed above by being open to trusting your intuition. Yes we all want a sure deal, breath give it a couple of days and deal. It will pass, its hear to transform you .

key aspects to look out for during 2023

March 14th 2023 Neptune in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini

May 4th 2023 Neptune in Pisces squares Venus in Pisces

June 19th 2023 Neptune in Pisces squares Sun in Taurus

June 25th 2023 Neptune in Pisces squares Mercury in Gemini

Aug 22nd 2023 Neptune in Pisces RX opposition Mars in Virgo

Sept 19th 2023 Neptune in Pisces RX opposition to Sun in Virgo

Nov 3rd 2023 Neptune in Pisces RX opposition Venus Virgo

Dec 27th 2023 Neptune in Pisces RX opposition Mercury Sagittarius

Dec 28th 2023 Neptune in Pisces opposition Mars in Sagittarius

Jan 9th 2023 Neptune in Pisces squares Mercury in Sagittarius

key dates to be PREPAIRED FOR during NEPTUNE RETROGRADES in 2023?

August 22nd 2023 Mars in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces RX

Stagnation during this time may occur. It will be temporary so don't freak out!

Sept 19th 2023 Sun in Virgo Opposition Neptune in Pisces RX

Our ideas and direction could come up like quicksand, we also may feel notation is not being given to us or our dreams. Be cautious of projection, try to avoid pacifiers and breath. Take a break.....

Oct 2nd 2023 Mercury in Virgo opposition Neptune RX

Not all may be what it looks to be, Virgo is great at details, be cautious to read all fine print. Pause before committing to long term commitments. You will change your mind and potentially details are not clear or transparent.

Nov. 3rd 2-023 Venus in Virgo opposition Neptune in Pisces RX

What you think is value may not be all that shiny... You also may be hard on yourself and give to those who manipulate. Don't judge your value wealth or critic your personal process. Your more than you think....


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