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Welcome to your weekly update of your Karmic Third Party Series via our Twin Flame Path Edition Online. Join us online for your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine & Karmic Third Party Series. We offer your map to your path & how to best balance the Yin Yang & shadow work involved!


We, who have been on an awakened path, know all to well of the challenges. Here we have you covered with key information for your journey! How to ascend reach your personal best and work be ready for union portals involved in the mix.

Join our update for The Twin Flame updates online Free & Paid Subscriptions online at Yildiz Readings 5d. Receive your updates for ascension, mirror work & how our Psychic energy & astrology can hit you!

Your invited to join our Twin Flame Community & discover what's in store for your path via monthly updates online. You will receive content to support your ascension, reunion and soul union path. I provide keys to where these blocks will land at a collective and directly link to your cycles.


Welcome back for our Vol 3 Edition of our Karmic third party edition. How will this week map out for those dealing with a Karmic Cycle or a Karmic connection in the mix? Lets dive in and see this week where its at!

The karmic third party in the mix this week can be quite challenged. This can be a risky week with our moon transiting through the house of Pisces. More over reaching closer to Juno in Pisces moving Retrograde by the 24th.

This can make a week of a great shake up & toxic patterns. All may need to address & be weary as we deal with these individuals at this time. Inner emotions will come spilling to the surface.

Toxic patterns codependence will in the mix crop up & projection & potential fights are possible. Ego will be the name of the game and wanting ones way and to be crowned will be due to such.

How this plays out within the Twin Flame connection can be a testing time. Those karmic's in a connection with a Divine Masculine will be very very testing. Un hashing beliefs wont go down to well as we move closer to Chiron in Aries Retrograde!

Those in a connection with a Divine Feminine wont do any better this week. As we have our North Node in the house of Taurus & Mars in Taurus. They may say nothing at all that can anger the karmic third party.

The Karmic Cycle for both energy's in the mix is set to feel very draining. This could be a turning point as Counterpart shifts to the past. This may be based on their own inner world as well as the one relating to where they see the bigger picture of the karmic cycle or connection.

Karmic may wish to socialize and be the center of attention. This for some in a ploy to gain or trigger counter part wont bode well. More over the social settings in the mix could witness a blow up due to control!

Join us for this deep dive for more! Make sure you take a look at The Divine Masculine's July 2022 update as well as the Divine Feminine July 2022 update.





Yes I have used the techniques myself, I more over know that the style in which i provide these reports monthly can warn you on when your ascension will spike and how it can come about. I am that convinced that you can benefit from such that i have offered a one off Monthly Trial for our paid subscription at a large discount. This will work best in the duo, thus I have provided such as a bundle for one month.

Your Ultimate Guide to the Karmic Third Party- THE Ascension and Mirror Work

Welcome to our monthly edition, where we cover the energy at a karmic level. Depending on where you are on the journey, this tool in changing the way we understand, Karmic's, them as third parties as well as how to clear karmic cords and beliefs effectively and permanently!

I have added this to our online experience in response to the lack of information and techniques to clear and move to that next level within life and your twin flame path. Its my intention to provide monthly detailed supportive tools for the collective in aid to their ascension process.

What is the Mirror Work?

Mirror work is done by taking opportunities during triggers and hurdles to view all sides of the fence. Its also a safe way in understanding the self at a sympathetic level. It also helps in a deeper view of the 360 and the lessons power and actions we take at a 3D level.

I provide tips on how to view the situation, more over i provide the astrology relating to how its going to play out and how the mirror work can help tackle the challenges of projection and false ego beliefs we may hold during triggers.

ascension reports the warning system via yildiz readings 5d

Ever wondered why energy spikes, ever wished you had a warning system and an understanding of the what why where and when? Well I can tell you I did during such times on my journey. I found different ways to find these points. I use my experience as a psychic medium clairvoyant, soul coach, chakra reports and astrology in developing such reports.

Don't get left out in the cold, the reports are here to provide you with these solutions. At a base level I cover the updates free and online at Yildiz Readings 5D for the twin flame updates. The reports here give you all of the above as a subscription.



These updates are for you to use with mindfulness and accountability. I provide no legal or financial advice , for such please seek a professional in that area. I take no direct responsibility for those decisions or outcomes based on your own power and responsibility. These reports & transits to guide you through your path, I provide a full report on the areas and how one during such may be ready.


THE karmic third party
update weekly!



Welcome to the Karmic Third Party energy update, here we will cover their energy, our shadow aspects as well as how we may experience energy when triggered.

I will break it down bit by bit. Its healthy in self awareness to see how as humans we all experience triggers sometimes even when we have more or less skills.


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