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Welcome to your weekly update of your Twin Flame Path. Join us online for your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine & Karmic Third Party Series. We offer your map to your path & how to best balance the Yin Yang & shadow work involved!


We, who have been on an awakened path, know all to well of the challenges. Here we have you covered with key information for your journey! How to ascend reach your personal best and work be ready for union portals involved in the mix.

Join our update for The Divine Feminine July weekly update on-line series of Twin Flame updates online Free & Paid Subscriptions online at Yildiz Readings 5d. Receive your updates for ascension, mirror work & how our Psychic energy & astrology can hit you!

Your invited to join our Twin Flame Community & discover what's in store for your path via monthly updates online. You will receive content to support your ascension, reunion and soul union path. I provide keys to where these blocks will land at a collective and directly link to your cycles.


This month in the mix were covering the energy as a week by week update. I have for added comprehension broken it down inside. For all your tools, ascension, the energy relating to your joint connection sub up!

In the context of this week, it will be a time of trying to move ahead and addressing the Devil in the Detail. Although the frequency will be heavy & challenging due to previous transits. DM in the mix will be like a BULL-FIGHT!

Emotionally they are interconnecting to their deeper personal private feelings. There is this beautiful energy of reconnecting to ones self. They also are looking at things that were hidden in their deep subconscious at a big clearing timeline enrgy!

Within the karmic third party energy/, new approaches are addressed during this time. with Jupiter in Aries & Chiron in Aries they will be a force to be reckoned with! What was hidden now for all is in plain sight, this now beyond the delusion is a time of deep change in the mix of their future & that of those they may dance with.



Divine Masculine's last months energy with our Full Moon in Sagittarius kicked off an ending in that zone. This may have been a time where we purged our views and reviewed our values.

This also linked to our previous south node where the divine masculine was sitting for the previous 18 months between 2020-2021. Many due to the fact it was in the South Node may have appeared to had little movement during that time due to purging or transforming the north node.

The North Node during 2020-2021 was in the house of Gemini, so yes with our Double Mercury Retrograde last month we reviewed those energies again.

Backwards reflection and reviewing those areas may have brought up the feeling of being dragged through a bush backwards. Mercury in general retrograde for the collective is challenging enough.

A double is like wishing to pull your teeth out and throwing your hands up in the air and asking "GIA "to take the wheel!

That's one way to let go & I always see Mercury like a great audit, I always learn something about it during its RT time.

Last month for the Divine Masculine's actor-cast they revisited the past to move ahead. Both 3D & 4D values, expectation's and mapping such was deeply challenging in the 3D for DM. This is not through choice but rather the direct context of what was before us is.... How to best tear our self from that situation was not shown.

Yes at times when revisiting a circumstance its personal beliefs & conditioning. Other times its a 3D situation like a road block with no spare tyer! For some this was in the area of family, children, mother, father situation's. This also showed a potential of values and expectation's as well as home & financial entanglement's!

As we moved into 2022, Jupiter in the house of Pisces had its fast visit through the 9th & 12 house at a collective level. This for Divine Masculine was regarding emotional psychological beliefs and closure.

The 12th house can be looked at as ending a chapter in life, the death of an old life, the spiritual understanding. It also can be like a vault of hidden entrapment, its a process & for DM's this was a testing aggressive transit like the Dark Knight of the Soul Revisited.

It only shifted signs in April into the house of Aries! This moved into an accelerated time line during this cycle. It also due to previous transits, gave us the urge to jump ahead, but other aspects had us feeling foggy! Its the BIGGER picture energy in the mix preparing us for the fresh start.

We also had our Eclipse axis of Scorpio & Taurus......this was a time of rumbles changes shifts. For Divine Masculine's energy Scorpio and that of what they could depend on. This was the descend and ascend point the Phoenix rising, self esteem and courage came via this portal.

The positions of Aries for DM is their 1st house placement of ascension and liberation. With the above aspects mentioned one must grasp processes. Transits as mentioned are not personal. We may make it such, but universe is showing the Big picture.

The Emperor in the mix with both Aries in Chiron & Jupiter in Aries is where these transformations are occurring. This can be a time of radical change's, big push's ahead and up. It can feel with Mars in Aries like Divine Feminine may presume were ahead, look out DM is coming and moving fast.

For some during our new moon in Gemini you may have received communication. More over with Neptune in the mix you may have found that secrets came out. You on both sides of the fence had revelations and the hidden shown. At a personal level DM may have used pacifiers and muted feelings.

Yes this may have had Dm communicating last month & this may have been a rollercoaster ride during such. Like mentioned that pacifiers, drinking and excess to calm the inner feminine/empath emotions inside of them!


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These updates are for you to use with mindfulness and accountability. I provide no legal or financial advice , for such please seek a professional in that area. I take no direct responsibility for those decisions or outcomes based on your own power and responsibility. These reports & transits to guide you through your path, I provide a full report on the areas and how one during such may be ready.


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