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There is a Full Moon in Libra on April 2022 which will last for about two days. How does this full moon affect you , your loved ones & the world? What are the potential good and bad moments during this time?

The Full Moon in Libra will happen on April 2022. This means that during this time, certain individuals may find themselves restless and unable to sleep. On the other hand, for some, it may mean that it's a time of reflection and turning over new ideas or opportunities in one's mind. How will this Full Moon affect you?

We can't always know for sure what is going to happen, but with our Full Moon In Libra April 2022 report, you have an indication of what you can expect in the coming weeks, months, and year. Know which direction your life is headed by understanding how this astrological event may impact your life.


This Full Moon is also known as the "Full Pink Moon," which is a term that was created by Native American tribes who used to celebrate this event with a feast of groundnuts, or wild potatoes. , using the reddish-pink color of the new moon. Because this Full Moon, or "Pink Moon, it's sometimes referred to as "The Strawberry Moon." (Worm Moon)This lunar event will happen on April 16th at 8:14 am GMT.

This Full Moon In Libra will affect most people with personal planets and points 23-30 degrees of the cardinal signs. Aries, cancer Libra & Capricorn. & 0-1deg of Fixed signs Taurus Leo Scorpio & Aquarius the most significantly.

Libra is about beauty, balance, and harmony. The April 16th Full Moon in Libra is all about relationships, partnerships, and how you can find more of those things in your life.

We can also use this time to take responsibility for our actions and behavior's, and to clean up any messes that we have made in our lives. We can align with what we want for ourselves, and make decisions based on our true desires.

The April 2022 Full Moon in Libra is one of the most auspicious moon phases of the year. It will be a time when we are able to take stock, reflect and make amends. This is a great time to release what we no longer need or want, and to let go of those things that have been holding us back from our full potential.

This can be a grand time of addressing subject's to do with balance and moderation. How to best deal with our life in a structured balanced way that is more manageable in the long run. Relationships, contracts that were showing cracks can evolve or be left behind now. Yes this can be for some where we decide to pull the pin.

Will history repeated its self or will we close this cycle out in the hope for a new start. Lets dive deep into this Full Moon in Libra & its full cycle she shifted through. Lets dive deep to understand the complexity of such during this transit. What? Where? Why? How! all counts in navigating this 3D minefield.

Full Moon In Libra on the 16th Of April 2022 , links to Venus Money Contracts Value Connections, relationships & marriages. Being a Full Moon we can be completing & or Redirecting the way we handle these areas. Full Moons at times can feel emotional in nature even more so due to the fact its relating to moon.

Our last New Moon was on the 6th of October 2022 and in a full Circle setting one can look back to that time. What were you dealing with around that time can be up for a shift. You may have started something & now moved into ending such now.

During October 2021 as a memory jog we had Mercury Retrograde in Libra on the 27th September she moved into retrograde & moved shadow direct on 18th October 2021.

Our Sun was in the House of Libra during this time we also had Mars in the House of Libra. Saturn in Aquarius was Retrograde, Pluto in Capricorn was Retrograde along with Jupiter in Aquarius so was Uranus in Taurus during this time.

What were you doing around that time? At a collective level we were looking at subjects of supply chain issues. Civil unrest changes relating to Marriages in society trade . Lets look at history for context in the mix.


In 2021 October we Saw Australia announcing that borders were opening for people to reenter the country due to immunization stats. Beijing experiencing increase in issues pre Olympics bounce down. The first city to host the winter & summer Olympics. Tigray region experiences air attacks, x10 people died x 4 were children.

Cleo Smith went missing in Australia, upon which I did a Video on relating to channeled messages I had. Links below.

Between civil unrest, economic change we may have had issues in providing for our self due to lockdowns. Globally we experienced issues due to the south Node in Sagittarius affecting freight between nations. Prematurely we opened spreading issues due to the fact at a Venus level for survival and balance.

Here we close a cycle & may see some of the above issues Closing out and revisiting such. Shortly after with our Moon entering Taurus again now it shall be a Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus on the 30th of April 2022. Our Nodes Now in the House of Taurus much focus and radical change can occur.

Many of us were seeking more balance and assessing after all that had occurred how to do such. Our inner child & intuition can come from such, our deepest emotional needs can be seen here. Our deepest sheading can occur here, inner & out worlds meeting.

Our last x2 Moon Transits have aided us to look at the following, what am i doing & where are my actions thoughts words outdated. As we face our shadow at a personal level we more over at a Global level will reface these areas.

Country's that may at this time be in the spotlight that can have media releases are the following. Keep an eye out on these areas during this time. Argentina, China, France, Lesotho.


There are many superstitions about Full Moons and how they affect our lives. The 16th of April's Super Full Moon will be especially important for people who work with money, such as bankers, traders and investors.

Offering with our North Node in Taurus & Pending Partial Eclipse In Taurus a shift needed. This could come in the shape of new trends, new technology, new developments. Individuals values may shift and the way of how we save and spend.

Today, the Full Moon in Libra is in a rare trine with Uranus and Jupiter. This can help us to break down and rebuild old systems which no longer serve us. It's important to use this time wisely and think creatively about ways we can make changes that will encourage a healthier balance in our lives, whether that's at work or home. .We might start by putting our desks in an L shape or placing a coffee table in the kitchen.


It is recommended to read these tips before the Full Moon in Libra 16th April 2022:

- Spend time with your loved ones

- Make sure you are not feeling lonely or sad

- Try to find a way to be creative and create something

- Remember tunnel vision missis doors step back and review.

-Balance your sacral chakra dance

-Balance heart chakra

-give it a few days to settle



Join us to see where and how our Full Moon In Libra April 2022 will hit for you. We cover your Star Signs within for deeper guidance. Click Link To Join or visit our Subscription Page for all Options Online.

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