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Welcome back to our online update via Yildiz Readings 5d & The Age Of Aquarius Magazine. We have some news & I'd rather address such prior to MERCURY RETROGRADE LOL though were in already in Shadow.

This month via our Paid Subscriptions Online, Members updates will be provided, however I may run a tad late give it a day or 2 max.... However after September, as I will be putting The Star Sign Subscriptions & Duo Packs On Hold.....Members will get their updates this month and contract will end.......

I will be working on them for 2023 so they are provided in a more formatted manner & potentially with video. Regardless, by putting such on hold I can review the way I manage the content and get six months ahead so I'm not chasing my tail monthly!!!

This will be back on the table come early 2023 so it will not impact bookings each month. I will be providing from October onwards transit updates etc....Our Twin Flame Subscriptions will continue.

I had already added addition posts to our Twin Flame Update, it went from x3 post to now weekly. I have changed the price of such due to that. For those of you that were on a membership already that was Just Twin Flame Subscription It shouldn't affect you but will now after the term of that contract be the new price point for the service I offer.

Should those that have issues in October with our New paying schedule have issues. PM me and I'll get on top of such on my end. Please have patience with this transition. Mercury is a testing time for all, I'm x3 blog posts off completion of the Star Signs. The Twin Flame Posts out as scheduled FYI.....

Ps Thats not to say nothing will be posted, stick around and see in the interim what it all will be. Stay tuned for our New Launches in the New Year.....2023

The education content also will be worked on so i can get on top of them also. Our Twin Flame Subscriptions will be enhanced and provided as usual. Those that did have the Duo Packs will need to update their subscription after September into a Twin Flame Package if they wish to continue receiving such.

This is so I can get ahead, organize our education content and for it to not impact the daily running of business for all to receive private bookings when need be. I more over will be working on information content & 2023 Star Signs both free and paid.

I also will be getting YouTube Education content ready during the next few months. If you have any questions feel free to pm me, or inbox via your sign in & ill get back to you. More over feel free to comment on the post should you wish to say anything or have a Q&A!!!




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