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Welcome to Yildiz Readings 5d in conjunction with The Age of Aquarius magazine. Each month, our star signs online are launched by monthly, All twelve star signs on the 1st of the month, addition 2nd by mid months. Both have an astrology update included via video link.

VIP subscriptions for your star signs will be out tonight at 7:00 PM GMT. Yes, we have a VIP troll edition at the moment that can be purchased as a one off for $35. For this you will get all Twin Flame volumes weekly, as well as two additions of the 12 Zodiac signs.

The age of Aquarius magazine, cops are astrological aspects for up and coming. Updates were lighting to moon, eclipses and more. Yes, VIP's get special offers to view their staff sign and how it will directly impact them. Tips, advice and tools, to balance the chakras and more.

Don't miss out on these wonderful offers as support, knowing the mass noise, how to balance, and how to best navigate our Astrology 2022 updates. I will be transitioning over to a new location of residence, due to such booking schedule has been blocked off. I have one spice available for Tuesday at this point in time.

I highly recommend using a VIP trial subscription or booking in for this at an ongoing level for added support. This has been developed as a budget effective way to give you the tools and the information both psychically and astrologically.

For more information on our VIP subscriptions online, please click the link below to view our subscription VIP page. I also provide a template layout as to how I've subscriptions I provided. We cover your star signs and twin flowing path online at this point in time.

From the end of August 2022, I will be developing out our education and information videos. These will be able to be purchased via the website at a later date. I will keep you in the loop relating to such.

Should you have any questions in relation to this update, please PM me at Yildiz Readings 5D. For those of you that don't know, we do have a WhatsApp online, that way you can get your content on the go.

We also have our YouTube notification sent up via our website. Make sure to both download the app and to subscribe, That way you never miss a notification from YouTube. This was developed due to the fact that we are only able to provide you via YouTube with three notifications a day. Never miss a video, an update, or notification again.





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