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Over the last few months i think we all can agree its been full on. As a thank you to all my followers. Here is an extension of thanks....we have a limited time sale. Telephone & Skype bookings online. We also have a weekday sale on.

If you don't find a spot of time you need this weekend, feel free to PM me. We also do provide emergency bookings. However if you are feeling such always seek support. Don't let it go jump in and deal is always the best notion.

They will be up for a short time, so grab you slot asap. They wont last with spots available. We also for those that are moving through changes could need a hand and insight.

Our Eclipse season will shake things up. One only 8 days away in the house of Taurus.

If things have felt off our had aspects have been kicking us around. Our wellness also in a balanced sense post Venus retrograde may be a time of changing styles, looking's and fitness. The very industry's you work within and your circle of friends may be shifting now.

Tips for our Eclipse in Taurus can be the following. You may go for the finer things in life. You also may over indulge in goodies. Drinking or the non healthy pacifiers are all very possible. You also may feel more thirsty, keep hydrated during this time can be key. Treating self now and then.

We also may see changes in temperature's and storms. Power outages can with these transits occur. I do find leading 2 weeks into an Eclipse and 2 weeks out.... this applies.

Meditation prior to eclipse can link to heart chakra, we also from the axis of both Pisces may have attachments and feel it difficult to trust the process of life at this time. Feeling very nostalgic is also so very possible.

These post will becoming more regular. As both you and I and the collective had gone through a large shift. Being MIA is common. As we all get ready for these new chapters, come with me for the ride with support.

Take care and see you all on the other side.

Yildiz Readings 5D




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