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Welcome to your weekly update of your Twin Flame Path. Join us online for your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine & Karmic Third Party Series. We offer your map to your path & how to best balance the Yin Yang & shadow work involved!


We, who have been on an awakened path, know all to well of the challenges. Here we have you covered with key information for your journey! How to ascend reach your personal best and work be ready for union portals involved in the mix.

Join our update for The Divine Feminine July weekly update on-line series of Twin Flame updates online Free & Paid Subscriptions online at Yildiz Readings 5d. Receive your updates for ascension, mirror work & how our Psychic energy & astrology can hit you!

Your invited to join our Twin Flame Community & discover what's in store for your path via monthly updates online. You will receive content to support your ascension, reunion and soul union path. I provide keys to where these blocks will land at a collective and directly link to your cycles.


Divine Feminine last months energy with our Full Moon in Sagittarius kicked off an ending in that zone. This may have been a time where we purged our views and reviewed our values.

This may have felt like a push pull energy during the time with us in the mix post eclipses. This is due to the fact that both Jupiter & Mars both were in the house of Aries. Our assertive & possibly angry side may have been firm with others including our TF.

Some may have been extremally triggered &been more likely to project during such time. This took us down a rabbit hole to address how we see, believe and address challenges in life. This may be a time where you felt the pressure of challenges in the connection & life point blank zero.

As we moved away from our Full Moon in Sagittarius, feeling like a rat in the cage we may have craved movement. This would of been in the area of career life play and attempting to find balance. Initially we may have swung into extremes', burnouts were possible as well as feelings of frustration during Mercury shadow direct!

If we were not focused on our side of the fence, psychic attacks would of been more so. Neptune in Pisces Moved into shadow at the start of the month. This also was an activation of that 4D, shadow work as well as potentials for dark energy were possible. It was key to clear your energy, to be aware that the hidden would be exposed.

Yes this could of been higher during the middle of the month, as we came closer to its rt position! Neptune in Pisces shifting into its Retrograde by the 28th June 2022. With both our New Moon In Cancer on the 29th Lilith in Cancer &

Emotions revelations triggers and a desire to be stable was calling us to address blockages and find balance. This could of been a time where karmic third parties were stalking, popping off & experiencing towers at such time.

It was key to clear homes by the New Moon In Cancer, this may have been a time of nurturing self moving into self care & hermit mode. On a social level changes around home & location may have been so.

Last month with our Sun & Moon Transits in the house of Cancer it both linked back to 2020-2021. Our focus & emotions clearing lineage issues & blockages, passion heart and safety. Deep views strong feelings and needs would of been the motto, our wellness that of us our family & abilities were challenged changed and reviewed.

Sun in Cancer, your attention moved to feelings and needs. You may may have felt like their creativity, feelings & nature side was both reviewed & felt. Subjects relating to karmic's, women, mother & children, as well as family & home were highlighted.

Mid Month with Mercury In Gemini may have found communication, gossip & a full schedule coming your way. Venus in Gemini from 23rd June 2022, your attitude towards love would have been vocal and direct. Yes potentials of gossip coming in were possible. You may have had a lot on your plate and felt diet changes during this time.

With both Jupiter & Mars in Aries divine feminine would of reacted more direct with individuals. This also could have caused passionate exchanges and bold statements during the month.

Yes its also connected to our Sacral Chakra & Divine Masculine's aspects. Within us we took on a more masculine role in life attempting to find harmony in life with Yin Yang. I do see may may have had an over active masculine energy with a need for nurturing creativity & feeding our souls.

We did review the past with critical eyes, we may have feared our personal processes. With our North Node in Taurus testing our souls and recapping our past, the spiritual attributes & shadow in order to move ahead. June was the digestion processes while the divine masculine was in a holding space balancing and letting go of the old.



The first week of July 2022 will kick off with a bang and its key for us to keep our eye on the goal. Keep away from disputes, correct the map where need be. As were still adjusting to Neptune in Pisces in Retrograde and reveling in the shadow.

Fresh prospective reached their pivotal turning point for this very movement ahead! Juno in Pisces connection to our karmic test kicks off on the 24th of July 2022. This will affect shift and transform all energies during its Retrograde cycle.

For some this can bring a Return of your Twin Flame experiencing separation atm. Others can mark a time of Turbulence within the connection and changes associated to values secrets and paranoia.

Juno for the Karmic Third Party can also experience karmic turbulence during her Retrograde cycle. Subjects that may crop up during such time can relate to fantasy's delusion's addiction, codependency, hidden secrets, imprisonment, control, excess indulgence and mind games.

On a deeper level our abilities to face our shadow relating to speaking our mind with ease & deciding to have the courage to face our shadow and need a 3D connection not just a 5D.

Yes with our Last Full Moon in Sagittarius last month it may have within the Twin Flame collective hit our previous Juno Retrograde in Sagittarius Cycle. It occurred between April 13th 2021-August 2nd 2021, think back to that time where you both were at. These very subjects at an emotional level would of been up for review as well as closure.

During such times the Divine Masculine was held within the south node. For many stagnation may have occurred. With the Previous Full Moon in Sagittarius & its link to Junos Previous transit linked. Some may have had revisits to those very dynamics as well as seen within you & them where this was at.

Sagittarius can relate to religion, spiritual gurus, growth expansion marriage siblings. It also is regarding traditions, traditional values and conditioning. We may have seen justice relating dynamics in the mix that held the situation at bay! Travel location also may have been an issue.

Regardless individuals in soul contracts would of experienced challenges and changes during such time. January 2022 we saw Jupiter shift into the house of Pisces for about 5-6 months.

This process is the 12th house as motioned above where the DM reviewed their psychological foundation, beliefs and hidden beliefs within self. Creative solutions & stuck energy may have cropped.

Jupiter then in April 2022 dipped into the house of Aries. This has amped up the movement cycle but made us all collectively face our shadow. We have both Jupiter in Aries & Mars in Aries aiding in the healing for the masculine atm. It can be challenging but deeply healing at this time.

For the divine feminine due to your transits with our Eclipse Cycle you may have been at your wits end. At a physical point of view

Juno Retrogrades on the 24th July 2022, Direct on the 22nd October 2022. What may we experience during such times? Deep shifts within karmic connections, spiritual karmic tests upon the Twin Flame connection. Yes Juno the marriage asteroid linking to Venus can bring those connections back.

Blasts from the past, breakups make ups and tests ahead. Join our Juno Retrograde webinar linked inside this update for added support. Additionally watch our Star Sign Subscription online for how July 2022 will hit you as an individual.





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These updates are for you to use with mindfulness and accountability. I provide no legal or financial advice , for such please seek a professional in that area. I take no direct responsibility for those decisions or outcomes based on your own power and responsibility. These reports & transits to guide you through your path, I provide a full report on the areas and how one during such may be ready.


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