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With much research and deliberation Im formatting this report for the month of April 2022. I do believe delays are always for a reason. Myself as a divine feminine generally where I am on the journey I feel a lot prior.

I guess one could say loneliness or burden is not as not the issue, deeper feelings or a broken Cinderella story is the wound. when us as twins dive into that journey, one can say the glasses are removed. This is to see that the story has a deeper context than meets the eye.

As much as many are disheartened by the path& at times disillusioned. Yes we will look at divine masculine's energy for April 2022.We many times find our self going in circles and rejecting such but interested in such.

In looking back over the last few months even as far back as 2020 one could say. Many on the twin flame path could take this path as a tad of a curse. As a Twin Flame myself within union I can relate but more over was the whole reason I found astrology.

This became from a psychic point of view how I could pre guess when and where my ascension would spike, in what areas. I have developed my own techniques with my psychic background as well as astrology & other tools.

April can feel like light and day like we are in the eye of a storm, initially one may be angry cross. Others may have felt such more so last month within the last 2 weeks of March 2022. If that group is you, your closer than you think

We can be looking at us as feminine and where our own inner masculine of power is. In the context of the path we more over may be looking at where the divine masculine is using their power. I do offer you an opportunity to read the Divine Masculine's Report for more context as well as the Karmic Third Party Report.

I do see this New Moon In Aries sitting close to Chiron ,begging us to look at doors locked. For us its linked to our beliefs via memories, feelings our deep subconscious. Its the feelings of hurt, anger, stress, pain. The wounded healer pushing us to heal, more over at a collective level this occurs in our memories

Our Venues transits of late had not been kind to us one could say. This will in the long run, will be understood why such will benefit us. We are as divine feminine evolving into a new vibration one has never been before.

As you reach the eye of the story, our sacral chakra is activated. This is for both parties to recharge. One would be well advised to balance and to be prepared for upcoming potential psychic attacks. It will be key to protect your energy atm as we move into a higher time line.

Divine Masculine moves into his personal empowerment, things will shift into high gear. Remember as joint energy linking to our sacral chakra is active at this time. Our inner power is within each of us, not just one side of the fence.

Remember as this month progresses there is the practical level of closing cycles. This mean's it occurs in various stages not 24hrs. Expect sudden 360's this month and that of what is unexpected in the mix.


Twin Flame Subscription

Welcome To Our Twin Flame Subscription hub online, lets have a look at what we cover in this Subscription. Monthly Updates x3 Reports Ascension, The Mirror Work, Moon Energy, Chakra Wellness each week. We cover Third Party Energy As Well as Karmic Cycles.

The Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine & Karmic Energy.

You can purchase the subscription as stand alone, or select VIP /Duo Packs. The VIP & Duo Packs have been offered Our Online Mediation Zen Space within the packages. I will see if they are able to be linked, if not they will be on offer as a stand alone.

This is due to the fact our Meditation Hub is linked to Our Online Education Tv. I will be hosting other content that would be affected. I will know soon. Our Meditation Zen Space will have Monthly Mp4 uploads until full. I have started with our Chakra Meditation. We will Have specialized Guided Meditation for our Twin Flame Path, Clearing blockages Via Guided Meditation., ascension & more.

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Star Sign Subscriptions Online By Yildiz Readings 5D, love, Singles Couples, Career, Unemployed, Business, Money, Wellness your chakra diet and meditation for the month. Each Month Join us for your online Report, providing you with the tools to gain success from here and beyond.


These updates are for you to use with mindfulness and accountability. I provide no legal or financial advice , for such please seek a professional in that area. I take no direct responsibility for those decisions or outcomes based on your own power and responsibility. These reports & transits to guide you through your path, I provide a full report on the areas and how one during such may be ready.



For those of you online that have followed me ,I cover your Twin Flame Path Online

@ Yildiz Readings 5D . I cover your psychic update, karmic third party, divine feminine, divine masculine & Twin Flame Lives every Friday.

We also have a Twin Flame Members Hub Online for x3 Additional sessions & Coaching. I provide extension Readings for all the updates Relating to our Twin Flame Path.

The big question is, who am I and what can I offer you here at Yildiz Readings 5D Online? Im a Twin Flame, Im also a Soul Coach, Psychic Medium & Clairvoyant. I also cover Astrology as I studied such during my Awakening during this process. I have developed & studied the path with many revelations & breakthroughs.

We hear the term 1 Wave 2 Wave 3rd Wave we hear Karmic Cycle, Runner Chaser. We get told break that cycle. We hear you need to Purge... the list goes on!!!! Im here to give you the truth on my end as a Twin on the Path, more over I also have background with patterns with my extensive clientele.

The one thing I can say now and then we need comedy to stay sane on this path, If we don't I think we may all go nuts. lol

I found the Astrology to show Key points in my ascension, communication, karmic cycles & Reunion stages. I more over I now with my personal experience share my tips tools and tricks to make it through this path. I have developed these tools to provide you with in-depth reports solutions yet to come Twin Flame Education Content & Designed Meditation for our Path.

I use my experience to guide you through Your ascension path, to reach inner peace & success On Your Twin Flame Path. I have been on the Path for Over 25 years, I am in union & I regard myself as an evolving soul .Not One who has Made it! This is our path to ascension shared with others, we are not alone. No shame, just a growth experience and friendship.

I have been in union for over 4 Years Now ,Regardless the One thing I have learned is to never presume you are grand. lol Im like any other, i have messed up, made & make mistakes trip deal with challenges. My role here is to help with my experience & more over guide those of you that are in Union.

Where ever you are on the path, we have resources for you both in our Twin Flame Subscription Hub. The Star Sign Subscription with your individual Chakra/Ascension Reports as well as Online at Yildiz Readings 5D.

During the Year I am adding information content on our New Information Hub Online Called Galaxy Pub.

Anything from Meditation, Guided Meditation, Ascension, Twin Flame Mirror, Psychic Attacks You name it we will cover if.



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