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Astrology January 2022 By YILDIZ READINGS 5D

Welcome to your New Year and New Look online, a place where your updated on the transits both free & paid subscriptions. Paid Subscriptions Launched soon.

As we enter into 2022 we have both Uranus In Taurus Moving Stationary Direct, this alone can be like "Forrest Gump" the quote that comes to mind is "Life Like A Box Of Chocolates, You Never Know What Your Going To Get"

Yes this is one of those occasions that this very notion is true, more so due to the fact with Uranus its sudden and unexpected. More over with our North Node being our new focus its in the house of Taurus.

Each Cycle we move into is a New Story, this chapter will be around Taurus & Scorpio....North Node Chapter is what we need to developed South Node is where we became comfortable. In truth we need to understand that both will ultimately change our path and the way we operate in our own life as well as the collective.

Lets break this down in English for the modern man, Taurus is Venus its built on stability structure. One a larger scale teams of Money Value Beauty Trade Agriculture Internet women value.

Its Venus to the core more over and can relate to stability and that of what we depend on. In reality we will need to find a new way to be such and develop unique skills to ride that wave. Why you may say? Is due to the fact we have Uranus transiting Taurus it makes for testing unstable every changing times.

It will reestablish the way we do things over the next 18 months, potentially gaining skills to deal with such adversity. This will inevitable change us forever with the South Node Success for our future. Our South Node In Scorpio can relate to hidden outdated occult secrets debt loans wounds deeper commitments contracts structures that were built eons ago. How we change such what we value is all set to shift, We will see what stays and what goes.

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