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Welcome Aquarius to your energy update for the Month Of March 2022, lets see what you need to look out for to help navigate this month. For those of you who are new a very warm welcome to our new hub online. I had been unwell so many of you transit updates were in that retrograde delayed.

So from here I shall increase the updates associated with the free Membership Online & prepare the New Paid In-depth Members Subscriptions. Launch date at this stage is March 2022 or at the End of March. I shall keep you in the loop via social Media & here Online during the Month.

I'm also working on The Age Of Aquarius Magazine so I shall keep you in the Loop Of Launch Dates. It shall connect into weekly energy, transits Moon energy our collective energy & how to remedy such. This was intended to be used in conjunction with Our Paid Star Sign Subscriptions.

How can we navigate such one may ask if it's like the Matrix, considering the last 5 months of what we have seen and since 2020 when we had The Great Conjunction To Saturn In Aquarius on 21 December 2020. This new cycle will be until 2024, we are more than half way through such. Pluto will remain in the house of Capricorn until March 23rd 2023 June 11th 2023 where it will Visit the House of Aquarius then return to the house Of Capricorn. It officially shifts over into the House Of Aquarius on the 21st January 2024. I'm mentioning that we have been visiting some of these areas during the last few months. Because we are towards the peak point of these cycles, at the critical degree ,at times during those retrogrades it may be tougher. America is having their Pluto return @ 27Deg. The dates of concern and where we need to be more cautious are as follows. The shift of Pluto in Capricorn to its 27 deg point occurs on the following below dates. February 20th 2022 at 27 Deg Pluto in Capricorn 12th July 2022 Retrograde December the 27th 2022 The last will be the shadow direct

Let's look at your Star Sign for 2022 and see some of the areas to look at. I will show you where Jupiter until Mid Year will highlight. We will also look at The March 2022 Energy for your Star Sign. Should you wish to join our New Star Sign Paid Subscriptions they will be on offer soon. I will place the link below where you may Join this hub Or select a paid membership once online. Link Here: PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS & FREE | YILDIZ READINGS 5D

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