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yildiz readings 5d newsletter January 2023


Welcome to our First Edition online with Yildiz Readings 5D. Yes each month you can expect a newsletter with our updates & those who have subscribed will start receiving such online & or Via Email.

Here I will keep you in the loop of new developments, changes, transits, sales, Q&A Webinars Events schedule changes & more. If you have not downloaded our App you can do so via website. Those that search our website get offered an option to download or it can be found via website.


I will be tweaking the website to make it more user friendly those that are new here are a few things you may not know! All bookings are paid & booked in Western Australian time and AUD.

If you see USD it's for my customers that are based in the USA! I over the years have worked to enhance the experience online for my customer's needs. You also can find a time convertor for those that are not situated in Australia or Western Australia. I also have a currency convertor.


I will be updating some information videos via our website soon this will support new followers and older ones of changes we have made online.

One will be based around how to subscribe to our website and how to gain access to our free blog posts online. From here on in our Astrology Calendar will be each year and the posts fingers crossed will continue in a transit sense by star sign.

I will also have videos developed covering your astrology placements & how to work with them. These will be housed in our astrology 101.


I will also update the video for those that are making a booking for the first time. This way it will break down how to do such and what follows next. I already have a video for this but will update it to be more descriptive.

Should you feel confused you can inbox and I will assist with the booking Process. Refer to our how to book info page for more details.


Yes we are now open for Bookings Online, I opened early for those that wanted support post silly season. I also for those that Book Sessions Regularly have placed Subscriptions for Bookings at a discount to general Price. Those that wish a Discount can join a subscription Online.

We have changed our 3 Month Booking Subscription so you can select again. You get a discount on those bookings you get them direct debited monthly but secure the set price.

I may from time to time place Sales up, they will not be lower than the subscriptions however.

Want discounts without the outright cost, by selecting our x3 Month Subscription you get the fixed price. Your charged by direct debit monthly. Now you can select again after the set x3 months is up/

Want discounts without the outright cost, by selecting our x6 Month Subscription you get the fixed price. Your charged by direct debit monthly.

Want discounts without the outright cost, by selecting our x12 Month Subscription you get the fixed price. Your charged by direct debit monthly.


As a thank you & welcome to Yildiz Readings 5D, our First Sale of 2023 is up for a limited time. I will be closing this down next week so grab your spot ASAP.

Our Subscriptions offer a Higher discount at a permanent level. Visit our Subscription page now for more details.


Over the last few years I have learned a lot about time management. Lol so if you had noticed i removed the 2023 predictions, it was due to our Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn. I am building out our new structure online so i may service everyone's needs more effectively without crashing and burning.

I have shifted them to be the 2024 Predictions I also added an option where you can get the full 12 at a set price soon. Oh the joy of Mercury Retrograde.

Buy one at the fixed price, buy x2 or get the 12 Zodiac Sign Bundle. Link below to our online Webinars.


As mentioned in 2023 I will start my large climb into our Education Content, this will be a large undertaking... I will share the information videos to our Top level members in YouTube first. Each folder will remain in the Members to use until the series is completed. For some I will have extensions that move into Courses.

This will be optional for those that wish to developed that area more. The will be on many different areas, Twin Flame Path, Astrology, Psychic Development Ascension & more.

new channels behind the scenes

Like I mentioned I have learned the hard way online...A/ keep your cards close to your chest! B/ Do the building prior to launch.

So yes new developments will be worked on, closer to the time i will start to drop hints and links for it all! I have more than one in the mix, stay tuned for those.


As you may have noticed I have added our Astrology transit dates online. I will be offering free transit updates online should you wish to be connected to these events prior to the transit you can joy our Webinars Online. Some webinars will not be open ever to the public & will state so!

You will have transits by zodiac also with a few surprised to come. I will later as mentioned create astrology 101 Saturn meaning, Saturn Per Zodiac Placement etc...

Our transits on our Retrogrades & Directs however this will never replace a Birth Chart Reading that is the most accurate.


Those of you that follow me online, will she more content. Members of our Yildiz Readings 5D will she the changes and perks without extra costs.

I will test run adding mid-month Romance readings, they will be given to our Members first prior to releasing to the public. Should these increase our reach and become popular I will continue. If I see now growth or movement they will be cut off and my attention will shift totally onto the education content.

Who will benefit from our New Content Online?

Our Members On YouTube will receive the content first, the first to receive our New Edition Romance Mid-Month Reading. Our Star Sign Membership at no extra cost will receive this perk. It will remain in the members until Mercury moves direct, upon which I will then open it to our Public.

Yes the public at Yildiz Readings 5D will receive this perk just not early. Members get first perks, then the main page.

Without our Members who are a key player in supporting all our content, I wouldn't be here. They help support & fund our creative process both here via our Website & online at Yildiz Readings 5D. Although I create the perks around our online needs and put the hard yards in, without them where would we be. A big thank you to our Members at Yildiz Readings 5D.

Our Education content after March will start to flow into our top level Members on YouTube. This will remain here until the folders of content are completed & the extension Education content has been created.

The main page after such will receive the content opening it to the public gradually. It will be folders of content available. Our top level pays no additional amount.





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