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This guide is full of tips and tricks to help you get ahead in the June 2022 You Stars. Don't get lost in a loop be prepared!


The world and its systems are changing, so our goals and dreams can go unnoticed. It's easy to get caught up in everything that's happening and lose sight of what's important.

It can be difficult to avoid stress & pressures on a daily basis. A need to make sure you're focusing on your objectives, or else it could easily get in the way of your goals. June provides an opportunity to take a step back and look at any new terrain.

June 2022 astrology transits are here to help. This is a time of rethinking, reworking, balancing emotions and values. It's a time of dreams, but also a time of hard work. June 2022 astrology transits offer a chance to reflect on the past and shape the future.

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June 2022 brings change twists & turns this month, with what we have we must make the best of life this month. One could say this can be a window of change with Jupiter direct in Aries giving us this added kick to get ahead.

With our Sun in the house of Gemini until the 21st of June focus your focus will be on stabilizing your ship now! If you felt your life last month moving backwards instead of forwards, June is the month to change this.

Our Sun will be in the house of Gemini where it shifts into the sign of Cancer. 21st June 2022. Our attention in the first part of the month may be cleaning shop & rearranging our routines in life.

Jupiter will be direct in the house of Aries we need to take advantage of this at this time. Jupiter is a place of liberation energy justice growth expansion. In Aries its personal its us self esteem identity personal values beliefs courage strength. Pull upon these areas within your self now!

With our values relating to stagnation this months energy with our Full Moon In Sagittarius will bring an ending to the way we emotionally deal with values, beliefs and growth. We at a personal level may have had fears around how we strive for success. This can be a time at a collective level we view trade, values, spirituality guru energy in a new way.

Jupiter energy also can with both Venus & mercury in the mix be changes around the way we run business, social activities, health, schools & local business may have been changing during the transit.

We have until July 28th 2022, use your time wisely and try to not rest our your laurels. This is not the time to do such, Jupiter Retrograde can benefit us by reflecting upon our best way ahead, but it can slow things down.

With our transits this year, its best to get ahead now before its to late.!


As we move into the month of June 2022 , Mercury In Gemini will still be in retrograde until the 3rd of June 2022. You will have attention on past actions words thoughts & ideals. You can feel your going over old ground and preparing your self for the new.

Mercury is notorious for frustrations, issues with technology, travel, tourism wellness. It also is a time of blast from the past and reviewing needless to say its challenging & frustrating.

Mercury moves station direct in Taurus on the 3rd of June @ 26deg. Mercury then moves post direct in Gemini on the 18th of June 2022. Here our attention can be shifting

As Mercury shifts station & direct we may be in areas of money, value, work, love shifting gears. what calls our immediate attention will be our power in what we do now! Mercury gave us the resume of muck ups misunderstanding's, unaligned areas where success was thwart.


Taurus the question more than likely may be is June 2022 going to be better than the last few month. Yes our Eclipse until 2023 will hit your star sign quite hard & any month until that time can feel transformative. That's not to say that it wont in the long run be beneficial & worth it in the long run.

We got you Taurus, me at a personal level I have been through your personal transits. Have faith in the process it will be all worth it in the end. Im speaking from life experience via transits.

June 2022 may have you thinking on style changes, needs & actions. Try to go easy on self. You also can be having experiences that are very confusing to you & others. Being open can benefit you confidence may also be cropping up.


This month as you recover post Eclipse season you may also feel the intensity of our Double mercury Retrograde. Mercury is notorious for those blasts from the past, revisiting old feelings. This with our Eclipse that landed in your romance sector can bring fresh starts to this area of life.

For those of you this month you may take a good look at your own needs & image & want to freshen up. For some you may go on a health kick & change the social activities you once did. Others can become more confident within self and toward love and personal endeavors.

If you have reconnected with a blast from the past or a new honey, this can be a time of going with the flow. Be open go with the flow, mercury rt is a time of reworking.

Singles with no honey atm, this month regardless still has openings for love. No Taurus you will not be single forever, just incase you were wondering. Ps you have some very lucky stars in various areas. Comes see further in where those other areas are.


The last few months may have posed additional challenges within your stars & in the area of love. Yes you still will be in the reworking zone of this sector & it will be key to breath.

With your honey this month their may be big big changes coming in the area of family & income. You also may feel like your up in your head and concerned on other areas of life. You may also need to be cautious atm with stress & dealings with emotions in unhealthy ways. Be open with your needs & find balance in your daily routine during the month.

You can find that situation's around family & social activities as well as your joint hopes & dreams have those rose tinted glasses off for a reworking. This does not mean no, but may require more time.


Your career sector can still feel like your running around tens steps forward 9 steps backwards. This is here to benefit us in the long run & you also may be reviewing your career sector.

If you had a change in your career this month can have you reworking this area. For those looking for employment have confidence in your abilities. This is a good time for networking & getting onto these areas now.

Those if you had been putting your back into your career and grinding that midnight oil. You can get blessing from your efforts this month. You may become frustrated and critical of processes during the month. You may need to have great patience & balance within this area.

Be cautious of risky dealings & budget that i cover further into the report. You do have grand opportunities for wealth changes of June. For those of you who have a side business or personal business. Join us within our monthly report for your Business astrology tips tools and key dates for must knows.


We have a new addition to our Star Sign Subscription our Romance house has Twin Flame updates now. Your Star Sign has its update relating to your Twin Flame Path. Our Duo Packs provide you with Twin Flame Subscription & Star Sign Subscription. Both have twin flame path covered now.



These updates are for you to use with mindfulness and accountability. I provide no legal or financial advice , for such please seek a professional in that area. I take no direct responsibility for those decisions or outcomes based on your own power and responsibility. These reports & transits to guide you through your path, I provide a full report on the areas and how one during such may be ready.


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