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Taurus 2021 is almost here and 2020 has been a large shift. Taurus 2021 I will be here to guide you all. The Astrology, chakra reports ,psychic updates & the tarot.

Some sections @ will be by subscription, other areas are set to be additional content on YouTube Instagram and Facebook Free.

Follow me here feel free to download the wix app and sub to get updates. Keep safe see you all soon. Ps bookings are available during December 2020, they are filling up fast.

Taurus expect some sudden changes to be implemented come January with you. It may occur to you or within your power. As Uranus in Taurus moves stationary direct in January. This all bounces off in your 1st house placement.

Mars enters your 1st house placement on the 6th of January 2021,be firing on all forces come January 2021.

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Henry Andrews
Henry Andrews
20 ago 2021

Nice blog you have thanks for posting

Me gusta



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