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Sagittarius the future is a mystery and there's never a guarantee of what it shall bring. You are surrounded by opportunities but you have no idea which ones to explore.

Find out your future! What will your April 2022 Astrology look like? It's time to find out! Get your answers with our monthly astrology predictions.

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Sagittarius here in the month of April 2022 bold changes will shake our worlds. Deep wounds and fears from where they rise without WARNING. With projects love & children you will have shifts be cautious with anger or stress. I also see you having to be it for all that more over can be getting you down.

Sagittarius loves liberation six house can feel like your in mud eating hay also. Its a method to the madness, even though you want rewards NOW for your hard efforts.

For many of you between the are of love work and wellness one could say you have had your fair share of challenges of late. This month kicks off with all systems go, viewing you in a whole new way. Our New Moon In Aries on the 1st of April 2022 shifts your Venus house for deep healing for a new cycle.

With our last full moon in Virgo last month, linking to higher heart chakra , the Aries moon linked to Aries in Chiron will aid in our healing of courage. It may not feel such at first. Although being a New Moon can link to new beginning's our thoughts actions and feelings may not automatically feel such at the time.

One may feel like their identity is affected in a certain area of life being that this is the 1st house in astrology. For each of us this is more personally located and activated in varies areas as an additional shift.

The best way to describe Our Chiron Energy during this New Moon Is the Movie "LUCY" as "Scarlett Johhansson" moves back in time seeing all life prospective. Chiron in mythology the wounded healer can during this time activate fresh starts.

Our shadow work done will open us up to a whole new way of living being and existing. Its here for life success.

Here is your update for the month of April 2022, lets see what you must know for the month & what to be mindful of. I use my background as an Astrologer, a Psychic Medium, soul coach & tips to balance your chakras for wellness during each transit.

This month has us with x3 Moon Transits one being Our Partial Solar Eclipse. I will be doing individual additional Moon updates as we move through the month. More over within our subscription hub we dive deep at an individual level further in.

Our shadow phase of our Pending Partial Eclipse In Taurus will be felt , keep such in mind and join our Webinar for support. Many had been feeling such back in March 2022 even though its occurring on the 29th-30th April 2022.

As a Venus sign this can hit you Libra in a very Personal level, changes in you your partnerships contracts connection's and linked to those areas big changes with individuals around us.

With both the North Node In Taurus & our Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus , bold changes can occur. The area of life for you as an individual can shake life up. Partial Solar Eclipses can play out in ways we never expected and provide breakthroughs. Get ready for a wild ride of twists & turns with surprises in ways never felt possible.

Will we resist the change, the opportunity with fear during this time? What? Where? Why? When & How? Lets see here & inside your Star sign Subscription below.


I feel many of you felt you had to do it all and although i cant say its going to be slow I can say you will have an opportunity to bring your life into balance. This will take a routine & a way to understand the element of Virgo & Aries. Number one our last moon be it your single or couple was mercury in nature. You had feelings of how many balls in the air, what is my power & what isn't.

Some this month Sagittarius may move home or have bold plans for their future. It also can bring additions into your life.

This month energy passion and memories of the past can come back. This can be haven or hell depending on how you directly handle it. Again context is everything. The first 8 days have potentials of nervous energy. Be aware & yes blasts from the past can come back.

Our New Moon In Aries on the 1st of April kicks off your romantic sector with facing your fears & values. You are being lunged into the deep end with connections this month. Being that Aries is 1st house for all in the mix its personal to all of us.

When we look at Venus we think the planet of love, we also this month have heavy placements in the house of Pisces. Juno will retrograde in the house of Pisces this year. She like Venus is an asteroid linked to marriage in astrology.

When here retrogrades kick off generally always with a Bang, a shift in connections will bring big RELATIONSHIP tests. Keep an eye on this month for slight glimpses of subjects & know each of us has this placement in our charts.

This month on the 5th of April 2022 Venus Moves into Pisces I hope were ready to see the writing on the walls of our human Psychology in those areas. The desire for change to become the dream not dream the dream.

Venus connects at a collective & personal level as money, beauty ,trade, contracts, value.

Our conditioning and value systems in belief will be tested, more over our creativity can come out of no where. Know how to use this to benefit you.

In relation to Venus areas of life we all will be looking at values, connections beliefs wealth self esteem courage trade employment food past times. Some of such to mention more areas can come up


Romance can be shifting during this time for both Singles & Couples. It will be important to know what we are looking at in a logical healthy way.

Blasts from the past wishing to heal wounds with you you more over will be doing the same.

Mid month with our Full Moon In Libra on the 16th Of April can bring issues of values, justice & balance up. We more over may have areas that require a judgment during this time. Being the moon is in a Venus house. We may feel venerable and wish for justice caution on how you seek such.

You may wish to be more social in love & connections this month wishing to connect. Not running away with the dream may be tough this month to stay focused on the true value. Other areas may suffer if we don't navigate our energy into correct areas this month leading to karmic mess come May 2022.


You want this area to change this may be a grand time to get on top of things and show what your made of. IF last month you weren't happy many can go into anger if you don't accept change. Negations need to be done in a logical order, I need X you need Z. Then if such cant be agreed upon no decision is saying its ok.

Others it may have been that you finished a task and now your with fresh logical eyes can see the way ahead. Routine will be key this month & looking after wellness.

If issues hit last month hard relating to work your purpose and you took a deep hard look. This month you will be looking at how you can shift such around.

In the area of career this month with our astrology many will be boldly making mover shaker moves into securing a more stable status. More over your energy will be heightened and you may be more direct or grumpy. Regardless as for energy, this month will provide more action.

Depending on the type of industry your in the key will be change, success and actions required on your end for such. With acceptance of where we are, along with the map of our Astro-Cast one may use such to gain momentum.

Mid Month with our shift we may move into finding ways to seek balance. It more over could feel like for some its time to shift. This could be into new positions, new employment or a more balanced approach.

Months End you can find our tension is high, we have possibilities of changes coming in unexpected ways. With our Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus 29th April 2022 can shake life up.


Sagittarius at a collective level many had been stressed, this month it will be key to care for wellness. Routine can be on the table for a review and to balance your stresses.

You may also feel your needing to change your habits. Some may join a gym or look at out of the box means et meditation diet sleep. The first half of the month is a warning point atm and some can have an addition to the family.

Last month with our transits many may have felt tired, anxious & fatigued. By mid month we then moved into high gear with Aries placements. Each of us individually has via astrology our chakras have different ways this may have played out.

Being at an emotional level Mars linking to our new moon may be extreme emotions. It can be heightened. It would be wise to be aware our our inner emotions affecting our external world.

You will need to be cautious of stress & how to manage your energy during the month. Emotions will be on high as we have x3 moon transits this month. Mid month we may go into over eating.

With Venus in Pisces this month we may be more inclined to eat & drink more. One must be cautious of using things to deal with tension. More over due to transits linking to Taurus ,our wellness this month will be charged.

During our Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus On the 29th April 2022 I suggest eating food groups that link to balancing our Nervous system. This is NOT MEDICAL its astrology, always seek professional advice designed and advised by them. This is transit related and tips relating to such.


We go deeper into your chart week by week with Diet Crystal therapy Meditation & more within. get the full benefits by joining our Star Signs Subscription below to view the VIP updates. Join us for the benefits to stay balanced in what we call in the collective our Ascension Report.


I would like to thank our Subscribers who have joined as well as those of you who have joined our Paid Subscriptions Online. This will further support in new content education & stability for the expansion of content yet to come. With out you this would not be possible.

I extend my great thanks to those who have decided to invest in them self in personal development as well as on this platform. Thank you for sharing this experience with me!



These updates are for you to use with mindfulness and accountability. I provide no legal or financial advice , for such please seek a professional in that area. I take no direct responsibility for those decisions or outcomes based on your own power and responsibility. These reports & transits to guide you through your path, I provide a full report on the areas and how one during such may be ready.

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Welcome to your Star Sign Subscription Hub & Your Monthly Update. Some changes are going to be made so you may locate your content in a flow.

I next month will have all your updates with the Moon Transits Provided in a Separate Update. This can be accessed still through your membership in your associated Star Sign Tab. Eg Aries Star Sign Menu Aries Star Sign Menu for Your Individual Moon Transits.

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  • With our Sun In Aries from 20th April 2022

  • Sun Moves Into Taurus 20th April 2022

  • New Moon In Aries 1st April 2022

  • Full Moon In Libra 16th April 2022

  • Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus 30th April 2022

  • Venus In Aquarius until the 5th April 2022

  • Venus Moves Into Pisces on 5th April 2022

  • Mercury In Aquarius until 11th April

  • Mercury Into the house of Taurus on the 11th April 2022

  • Mercury into the house of Gemini on the 29th April 2022

  • Mars in the House Of Aquarius Until April 15th 2022

  • Mars Enters Pisces on the 15th April 2022

  • Pluto In Capricorn Moves Into Shadow from the 1st Of April 2022

  • Pluto In Capricorn Moves Retrograde On 29th April 2022


Welcome to your Monthly Online Star Sign, each month join us for you free & paid updates online. Lets see what to expect this month for your Star Sign, for deeper insight and more support read our info below later.

We start off with our focus with our sun in the house of Aries, you will be bold. You can be very determined to get things done. Use this well during the month to get on top of things, we move over may need to put our back into it.

By the 20th of April 2022 you will move into high gear with our focus on the area of Taurus. Sun can be how one values thy self, our id or our energy one directs in a focus. Mars in Taurus calls for energy attention & action to shift onto value. Kicking in prior to our Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus.

This month Kicks off with x 3 Moons one Being our Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus. Our 1st New Moon in Aries occurs on the 1st of March 2022. Big bold emotions relating to power, energy attitudes and feelings can occur. We can challenge our fears and move boldly where no man/woman has gone before.

The next moon is our Full Moon In Libra on the 16th of April 2022. You may be looking for balance, justice and fairness & love. This can be a time of emotionally looking at our connections, values money in a new way.

March 2022 Kick off the start of our Eclipse Season, linking to our North Node In Taurus. This will be the start of a major test and shift at a collective level as well as at a personal level. More over with Uranus in the house of Taurus this partial eclipse can make those areas temperamental.

I have for added support our Webinar/Premier open to view well and truly ahead of the Eclipse Mediation & support. I will place our webinar link below back to back Eclipse Season Events.

Our Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus on the 30th April 2022, Hosted on the 11th Of April 2022. As we Move Into May 2022 we have our Total Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio on the 16th of May 2022, hosted online on the 2nd Of May 2022. That's a break of 16 day and to be quite honest this is BIG.

Eclipses can be felt months before as mentioned ,back to back can be our biggest test considering its the first. Our Solar Eclipse Will bring bold new beginnings to your table, reshaping your future. Solar Eclipses bring this to a head, take us out of our comfort zone.

Mercury in Aries boosts our energy to achieve our daily tasks. Your schedule will be busy at this time and the areas of life will be needing such attention. Try to be cautious until April 10th 2022, you may drive over the limit unintentionally. We can be more accident prone at this time but action in orientation.

Mercury moves into the house of Taurus ,on the 11th of April 2022. You may take actions towards money, value, contracts and or love. Caution on unnecessary items be smart during this time with such. One may eat more during this time if emotionally triggered.

By April 29th Mercury moves into the house of Gemini, caution at this time. It occurs on the day of Pluto in Capricorn retrograde & The Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus on the 30th. Mercury will have x4 retrogrades this year. We had our first already and its moving into shadow retrograde May 1st 2022.

Lilith moves into the house of Cancer on the 14th April 2022, time to face our fears of safety emotions wellness home, family etc...

Venus transits in the house of Aquarius until the 5th of March, with money value commitments social expectations. She then shifts into the house of Pisces. PAY ATTENTION and here is why. Juno the asteroid of Marriage will move retrograde in the house of Pisces later in the year. Remember the areas that crop up, it can give you some hints.

With Mars Transiting the house of Aquarius you may feel bold social & a litter restricted by your responsibilities. This is for the bigger picture, from the 14th Mars shifts into Pisces.

Big Bold moves can occur and your and energy is redirected into these areas of life. Lets hope you grabbed the 101 from the stars on how to navigate those areas. Try to use these areas with Mars in healthy ways not codependent addictive obsessive ways.

Last but not least, do you remember our last Venus Retrograde in Capricorn & Mercury in the house of Capricorn? Well Big Boy Pluto In Capricorn on the 1st of April 2022 moves into shadow retrograde. Pluto shifts retrograde on the 29th of April 2022.

Both Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn & Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus occurs a day apart; Hold onto your hats. The benefit can be we get a snippet of our May 2022 Total Solar Eclipse In Scorpio. Take notes expect the unexpected.!!!!




2nd April 2022

Caution with communication actions & stranger danger. Old wounds may come to a heated head.

7th April 2022

This may come to a head with money love value & contracts, dealing with such will create necessary change needed.

11th April 2022

Value Love Money Social experiences will be focused on. Caution with excess on this day.

14th April 2022

Lilith Moves Into House Of Cancer

14th April 2022

Great day to make your dreams come true, make that magic happen. Try to keep away from toxic patterns of codependency.

27th April 2022

21st April 2022

Saturn squares Nodes/ Difficulty with changes relating to rules regulations social responsibilities. Changes happening around stress & how you handle things.

29th April 2022

Pluto In Capricorn Moves Station Retrograde

30th April 2022

Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus



Welcome To Our Monthly Full Moon New Moon & Eclipse Updates online. See below for Your Update, look at Sun Moon Rising & Venus Placements for deeper insight.

I have added Chakra Holistic Charts Below For Your Reference, so when I refer to such You can select what fits your needs.


In using such within these reports you understand I give no medical, professional of Psychiatric & dietary advice. If such is needed please seek such, more over this is as a guide & you take due actions in selecting what will be appropriate for your individual situation.




Our New Moon In Aries on the 1st of April 2022 at 11deg opens a portal for a new beginning. More over after last months Full Moon In Virgo kicked off our healing process as it relates to Chiron the wounded Healer. This New Moon in the House of Aries joins forces with Aries In Chiron to join the show.

For you Sagittarius it links to your 5th house of children romance creativity and pastimes eg leisure. You may place energy into these areas. For some you may reconnect to a loved one, reconnect to your children for family time. You more over may have nostalgic notions atm.

For some there could be a child on the way, with birth aspects for you.

The other way this can play out is you taking the bull by the horns & turning a hobby into a side hustle.

Chiron The wounded Healer In Mythology

Greek Mythology script states Chiron was rejected by tribe His mother & father. This at a traumatic level directly impacted and exacerbated traumas. He was later taken in adopted by by his Nephew Apollo. This individual educated Chiron on principles of healing arts. Meditation, spirituality herbalism and in turn transformed his impediments into alchemy.

Chiron was also allegedly wounded by a poisonous arrow, by the hand of a student/friend. This caused extended pain where Chiron wished all would end. Due to the fact Chiron was immortal he on the 3D saw no resolve.

Energetically is death & rebirth like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, one must face our obstacles move beyond wounds to find a new sensitive intuitive reason. Rebirth comes from the internal clearing so the external my show new ways and opportunities for rebirth..

When we think of moon cycles it is such in total context. Lets look back at where our last moon in this energy. Our last Moon in the house of Aries was a Full Moon In Aries on the 20th of October 2021. Think back to that time for context we may have been back then unable to deal with those areas.

Closing out of cycles may have been avoided unable to be achieved due to the previous transits or predicaments. Now in the Month of April from the 1st to the 4th one must be TOTALLY aware of how it may play out.



On April 1st 2022

New Moon In Aries making a conjunction to Mercury in Taurus

New Moon In Aries Making a conjunction to Mars In Aries

New Moon In Aries Making a conjunction to Sun In Aries



Emotions pushing you to deal with routine to make a dollar. It can be also having a look at how your feeling your doing to much. It can be rewards that come to you for your efforts.

Some it may be you get run down due to stress. DO the self care after our last month transits.


focus will be in the area of wellness routine tying up lose ends. It could stress you.


You will be looking at how to work out how your feeling in conjunction to the Aries Related energies.







Sagittarius lets see how this Moon Transit will affect your Star Sign this month. I will also dive deep into the energy where we came to this point for context below. Refer to your Star Signs Subscription for your Weekly Chakra Reports As well as your moon balance chakra wellness report. This can guide you by showing where & how this will personally impact your life mind body soul.

For you this month with our moon you will be dealing with 11th house placements. This can relate to a friendship ending or the style of dreams changing. For some it may be a shift in group or purpose. If you were guiding or managing a group it now can transition.

It also could be that your looking at clearing debt for your future endeavors. I see you being able to have the courage to see yes you can have it all but what needs to be tied up. I do suggest anything contract related READ fine print.

Think back to last year around October 2021 for reference of this full cycle. I will disuses such below so you may move down Memory lane. Also use your below chakra balance report & weekly wellness report for balance tips during this time.

Will history repeated its self or will we close this cycle out in the hope for a new start? Lets dive deep into this Full Moon in Libra & its full cycle she shifted through. Lets understand the complexity of such during this transit. What? Where? Why? How! all counts in navigating this 3D minefield.

Full Moon In Libra on the 16th Of April 2022 , links to Venus Money Contracts Value Connections, relationships & marriages. Being a Full Moon we can be completing & or Redirecting the way we handle these areas. Full Moons at times can feel emotional in nature even more so due to the fact its relating to moon.

Our last New Moon was on the 6th of October 2021 in a full Circle setting one can look back to that time. What were you dealing with around that time can be up for a shift. You may have started something & now moved into ending such now.

What were you doing around that time? At a collective level we were looking at subjects of supply chain issues. Civil unrest changes relating to Marriages in society trade . Lets look at history for context in the mix.

In 2021 October we Saw Australia announcing that borders were opening for people to reenter the country due to immunization stats.

  • Beijing experiencing increase in issues pre Olympics bounce down. The first city to host the winter & summer Olympics.

  • Tigray region experiences air attacks, x10 people died x 4 were children.

  • Cleo Smith went missing in Australia, upon which I did a Video on relating to channeled messages I had.








Sagittarius welcome to your Partial Solar Eclipse in Taurus update, lets look at where this links for you during this time. More over where this over the next 6 months will shift you in a New Direction of life. This links to your 6th house of healthy routine structures daily activities pets. It can be a time that you decide to break a pattern. It may be your forced to care for self atm and be in a routine.

For others your hard work may have paid off and a new system you implemented can show an outcome. I also see changes around home & family.

This to say the least will be a dynamic Eclipse that many of us may have been feeling the energy of back in March 2022. I will connect into this historical significance, trends previously experienced & potential's for your life.

For you in the month of April & over the next 6 months the areas of life this will impact links to your 6th house of routine daily activity and structures. This area may be up for a shift. Its important to look after your wellness ATM. Stress poor diet run down or things causing conflict will be addressed. This at a simple level can be the need to look at how one can structure your routine to handle life's hurdles.

You in general want to reach f or the stars and may be working out how you may be the jack of all trades without getting run down in the process. Planning and mapping those big dreams can occur now.

With both Venus & Jupiter in Pisces making a partial conjunction during such, you will be focused on changes around your 4th house. Home, children mother accommodation & the things we do in our daily routine. Sudden shifts in this area can occur at this time, it will be a point where shifts associated can come un-expectedly.

Uranus in Taurus & our North Node in Taurus as well as Jupiter & Venus making a partial conjunction to Pisces kick off with a Bold New Vision. This can be a time of reflecting upon these areas & transforming such.

This to say the least will be a dynamic Eclipse that many of us may have been feeling the energy of back in March2022. I will connect into this historical significance, trends previously experienced & potential's for your life.

We did already see slight trends shifting in the area of Taurus last month. With our North Node is Positioned in the house of Taurus, at a Venus level we look at food resources, bitcoin, dollar exchange, trade income economic status stress etc...

Already last month issues of Gasoline, transport food logistics as such had risen Will history repeat its self, one can only be prepared & open minded where deciding what one can do.

The Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus on the 29th of April 2022 at 10 degrees. What can we expect during the Eclipse? Who will this impact the most? We will go into details within on the must knows.

Those of you with personal planets of 5 to 15 degrees of Fix signs can be more deeply impacted. Taurus Leo Scorpio & Aquarius. More over this Partial Solar Eclipse In Taurus will make a partial conjunction to Venus & Jupiter In Pisces.

Yes being a Partial Solar Eclipse such can be positive being a New Moon. BUT linking both to our second roll over the area, of our now Our North Node in Taurus. We more over have our linking to Uranus in Taurus can bring challenges & sudden abrupt change.

If you think back to November 19TH 2021 what were we at a collective shifting & at a personal level what were we addressing. Lets have a quick look at what was playing out at that time & where this BOLD push into the new is taking us.

November 2021 we had we had the Sun in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio Venus in the House Of Capricorn starting its long stay in Capricorn. Mars in Scorpio we were facing our shadow. The shadow sign of Taurus being Scorpio being where we were comfortable

Historically our Previous Eclipses link back to April 29th 2014 with the axis of North Node In Taurus & South Node in Scorpio back between 2012-2014. Prior we had it during 2003-2004

This Eclipse is the second in the set of our now North Node in Taurus & South Node in Scorpio. The first was on

Must knows relating to Eclipse Cycles yearly are that an average of x 4 eclipses per year in which x2 Solar & x2 Lunar. Generally get 2 Eclipses, 3-4 weeks apart is common. However we have had up to x7 eclipses prior occurring in the 89's 1982, with the then North Node In Cancer & the South Node In Capricorn.

Interestingly enough during 1982 we had Saturn Pluto Conjunction In Libra the last area we Had Saturn in an Air Sign. Now again With Saturn in Aquarius another Air Sign.

We more over during such time had x2 rarest Retrogrades with Venus in Capricorn & Aquarius & Mars RX In Libra. Both subjects can atm be clues of cycles we are cycling out & revisiting.

Solar Eclipses

Are New Moons when the sun is withing 17deg Of Nodes. Start of a New Cycle highlighting areas of such. Changes can be in the area of Male energies or the Masculine attributes of life.

Lunar Eclipses

Where as a Lunar Eclipse link to a Full Moon within 12 degrees of the Lunar Nodes marking an ending of a Cycle. Things at such time can require a switch out & change about. These cycles are areas of Feminine individuals or the Emotional connection to such.

Nodes during Eclipse Cycles

Eclipses in each cycle occur around the Nodes in sets as above mentioned. Thus within your Star Sign Subscriptions online I provide added information & support in more detail.

The Nodes are mathematical points in the sky calculated points linked to moons rotations that Intersect the Ecliptic Point of Sun. The North Node the Ascending point the South Node descending point.

The North Node links to our Future Karma & Destiny, the South Node our Past relating to a point of evolution stagnation & transformation. These areas at a personal level are mentioned within your star sign subscription for deeper insight and support during these DRAMATIC transitions.

Can we gain change in these areas at this time should we take direct action. Yes let it play out BIG changes can come at a collective Global level as well as within our own personal lives. I will go into these at a deeper level within our Webinars Online should you wish to join them.




















You may discover changes at hand and how even the smallest change can help take you in a bold new direction. You may be taking a structured approach to do with your new world. You more over wont do everything for everyone. NO I IN TEAM>......



during this time you would be wise to keep in a routine, get things looked at if becoming an issue. Caution with excess and pacifiers during this time. Don't avoid situations that require real solutions not avoidance.





Our North Node Shifted On the 18th of January,2022 from Our Previous North Node In Gemini & South Node In Sagittarius. On the 18th Our North Node In Taurus & our South Node In Scorpio Kicked Off. The nodes of the Moon will stay in both Taurus & Scorpio until July 12th, 2023.

These energy's will play out at a collective level & at a personal level during this Cycle. I also have Included our Webinars for a deeper dive into those areas as the time comes for our Eclipse Cycles To Hit these areas I have linked them below.

Taurus being in our North Node our Future Destiny of Value, Love, Beauty abundance growth. Being in the house of Uranus in Taurus it can shake this up. Regardless we are going to get a 101 of how to thrive & keep the harmony of our old & new.

Scorpio our reminder of what to hold on to what could go wrong if we don't evolve and shift areas about. This is going to occur regardless & both at a point early 2024 can be balanced.



Our North Node In Taurus is our future, a place we are moving towards. Over the next 18 months this area of life will be the key to transform both. We don't drop one for the other we use the North Node & Re-work the South Node. Refer below for your placement's & from time to time I may add and update.


This links to your 6th house of routine, health routines pets wellness.


The South Node is our Past karma or ways, this area of life will be transformed by the North Node To gain More Balance & Success. Its somewhere we had become stagnant or safe & stuck.

I will add & update it as the months progress, this will be your resource for the cycle. Regardless of when you join Our Subscription Hub, this will be here for your reference


12th house of hidden resources, ideas, psychology, meditation, mental stuck, shadow work.



Venus House

Many of us understand our Venus house as an area that discusses Love, here I shall open that resume for you of what other areas this May cover. In the Months coming I shall add these areas to Our updates.

The Age Of Aquarius Magazine shall discuss these areas in-depth with weekly energy reports for the collective. These will be as a collective guide we then have our Individual energy inside our own Charts.

Venus Areas: Agriculture, farming, beauty wellness, style, food, money, value, past times Relationships, partnerships, marriage, agreements, legal matters, business dealings.

Disclaimer: I provide No Legal Advice Astrology Only




This month for you will be deeply passionate, opportunities to meet people & to dive in are up on the table. I also see if you were hoping to reconnect with a blast from the past it could occur at this time.

You will be focused on wellness and getting your post C-Body back or just point black wellness. I do see some considering buying a pet atm and during such transits pets can be an area we need to take extra care of in April.

Some can be enjoying BBQ's dinner parties and get togethers with loved ones and a love interest. With our transits you will have passion be cautious if your not ready for a baby. More over if you have issues to discuss. Be calm

You within your own life may be shifting your friendship group. More over if last Sept 2021 you had a falling out with a group this can come back for renew.

Some this month may wish to brush up your look and wellness & get that revenge body. Others its just from a personal balance point of view. Doing the best you can.



Bold new starts' are here and your wanting to deepen the connection. You more over may feel as though what you have been dealing with of late had been both emotional and exhausting.

It is a time of getting things in order, having big conversations and bringing things together. Many in the month of April can have stress & triggers BUT it will bring a bold new start.

Subjects regarding money family home can be in the mix and you can be look at changes relating to such.

I see possibilities for a new child, a deeper connection as well as a new vibe or home. You will want to indulge, be cautious in the month with your health aspects to be cautious of substances or bad habits.

I do see if you get run down or unwell this month it will be in the area of being the hunter gatherers. Work changes can put additional stress in this area until balanced and addressed.

If you wanted to move positions and for some of you back to a previous career, position or business prospect. This month gives you added luck. Money in the area of routine by changing such we may be more productive.

I can say any issues that crop up by months end tackle but know and speak with calm logic and knowing. We can with both Pluto Retrograde & our Pending Mercury Retrograde will shift. This will link to your contract and relationship sector.

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If you had challenges last month this month in the area of career you will feel it hit. The Virgo Moon needs hit your career sector and being it was a full moon to a degree we either shifted or felt frustrated.

You also may wish to eat or drink more in the month relating to Venus in Pisces transits as well as Our Eclipse In Taurus.

This month if you feel such is just work load related. Well with your 6th house routine will get this done. The thing you need to understand is no one is perfect and you may have felt very critical towards this dynamic and disillusioned.

I do see shifts in career to another level ,yes at a human experience that we feel its dangerous to change our mind. Key is seeing is it manageable? Could I see myself doing x y z. Regardless April lets you be bold with rebirth so you have more space for your dreams.

These energies may be seen around the 12th of April 2022. Pay attention and also look at the areas of creativity self expression. People will notice your abilities to master the art.

  • Pluto In Capricorn Moves Into Shadow from the 1st Of April 2022

  • Pluto In Capricorn Moves Retrograde On 29th April 2022


Welcome to your Astrology for Business as per aspects, this is not to be used as Financial Or legal advice. For such seek a professional, I will offer you guidance as per transits .In this Monthly Edition I shall provide you with key dates if such is relevant, report that can aid you in navigating the transits.


April in your business you can have a build up of creativity, this at a traditional point of view could be thought up or launched. Its a grand time for launching new bold plans and around the 12th this can be a very good time.

I do see with areas of money location is key, changes around environment can shift. This can be home based, the direct website or a physical premises. Money relating to overheads upgrades or receiving such.

It would be wise to look over our budget looking at what our input output is. I would also look at the practical foundation of what is and what isn't working.

Be cautious of overloading your schedule this month. You can go from being energetic to feeling fatigued. This will be important to be aware of such in April.

If you are wanting to connect into a new market you may be looking at your target audience.

  • Pluto In Capricorn Moves Into Shadow from the 1st Of April 2022

  • Pluto In Capricorn Moves Retrograde On 29th April 2022