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yildiz readings 5d blog update donations

Welcome back all ,our Donations Online Link has changed. I have changed accounts and wanted to keep you in the loop. Its a new account for bookkeeping purposes, that should aid in the ease of management. This will have a new link.

For those that already had it set up for use, you may need to go through the temporary motion again. Apologies for the inconveniences and hope such clarifies.

I thank you for your support to aid in our business development, content development and technology needs. Your donations mean the world and helps this hub grow.

You will notice via YouTube, our Website that the link is different. Yes I have updated it and is safe to use. Should you wish to view or donate, click the button below for reference now.

yildiz readings 5d donations

All things will continue as usual, if you have any issues you may contact myself online. Please follow us online for all your must know updates and protection online. We respect your time and provide you with your must know updates alone.



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