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MERCURY retrograde IN AQUARIUS 26TH JAN 2022

January kicks off with a bit of confusion, many will feel like they need to recover from the post 2021 hangover. As we reflect upon how much went down, what we did or didn't achieve. We now turn our heads into what's before us all.

This years Mercury Retrograde kicks off in the House Of Aquarius, think back to 2020 was the last time we visited this area in life. We also usually have x3 Mercury Retrogrades Per Year, this time we have x4. As Buggs Bunny Say "THATS ALL FOLKS" well that big.

Many may feel lack luster and were within Venus Retrograde in Capricorn. This faze is known for feel dissatisfied in things relating to values money stability love health fashion jobs ppl places and things. Is it all real well yes and No. Its a time or revisiting things trying before you buy. lol Testing old things on and moving them about at this point in the game we are seeing the hard truth.

What are those Venus value truths for you will be personal and individual. Separately with the New Moon In Capricorn that occurred on the 2nd of January. Its urging you to level up and let go of the old. Rome wasn't built in a day it may take a min so be kind to your self with these fresh starts. Be rational and practical dig in and finish up things this also can be a time of emotional healing.

Lets see how this Mercury Retrograde In Aquarius & Astrology in the Month Of January shall affect us. In Business, Love, Health and Mind.


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