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Welcome to your energy update for the Month Of Feb 2022, lets see what the energy is surrounding the karmic situation. need to look out for to help navigate this month. For those of you who are new a very warm welcome to our new hub online. I had been unwell so many of you transit updates were in that retrograde delayed.

How these transits affect the karmic cycle/third party will be held in the following update. We have our Pending Twin Flame Subscription Hub Online Soon To Be Launched. This will be at the start of March 2022 or the end of March 2022. Time will tell regardless Our New Subscription hub online is set to Launch Soon!!!!

We had our New Moon In Aquarius on the 1 Feb 2022 Mercury Moving Station Direct by 4th Feb 2022 out of shadow in about 2 weeks. We have Venus in the house of Capricorn out of shadow soon. What does that mean for the Divine Masculine during the month of Feb 2022 for the karmic how will these energy's affect their momentum.

We can use this for our shadow work if we are out of alignment and to view such as a karmic cycle or third party energy. This is both psychic & astrology used to interpreted this update, in modern life we call this entertainment and many of us on a more legitimate level look at such as a forecast.

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