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Welcome to your weekly update of your Karmic Third Party Series via our Twin Flame Path Edition Online. Join us online for your Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine & Karmic Third Party Series. We offer your map to your path & how to best balance the Yin Yang & shadow work involved!


We, who have been on an awakened path, know all to well of the challenges. Here we have you covered with key information for your journey! How to ascend reach your personal best and work be ready for union portals involved in the mix.

Join our update for The Twin Flame updates online Free & Paid Subscriptions online at Yildiz Readings 5d. Receive your updates for ascension, mirror work & how our Psychic energy & astrology can hit you!

Your invited to join our Twin Flame Community & discover what's in store for your path via monthly updates online. You will receive content to support your ascension, reunion and soul union path. I provide keys to where these blocks will land at a collective and directly link to your cycles.

Welcome to volume two of the Karmic third party updates, Yes, I am light due to my move of home. I will jump onto volume three very shortly. Let's dive into the overview online and see what went down and what we can expect moving forward. Regardless, this with the full moon in Aquarius will continue through a theme. This energy is still will be relevant in the here now.

Big shakeups in the area of romance would have occurred during this time, testing. Situations surrounding home half and children also would be tested at this time. Changes around home also could have been possible. This might have been comics moving in, comics moving out, and shakeups in the area of romance. As mentioned previously, not all comics are romantic Connections many at the moment are breaking lineage cycles.

Let's dive in and see how this place out, stayed chain for volume 3.


Make sure you take a look at The Divine Masculine's 2022 update as well as the Divine Feminine weekly update 2022

Your Ultimate Guide to the Karmic Third Party- THE Ascension and Mirror Work

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